Red Scarf Girl’ and ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’

Both the ‘Red Scarf Girl’ and ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’ demonstrates the issue of autocratic leadership and other styles. The content of these books portrays the image of authoritative behavior in the parenting of a child. Through autocratic leadership, there is the application of both really useful and detrimental qualities. The determining factor is based on the personality of the leader, strategies used, and tactics in the complete aspect of leadership. For this reason, I am against the application of autocratic leadership.

The reasoning in the back of the dislike for autocratic leadership qualities is based on the motives contained in these books as explained in their content. An example is a choice of main the entire country through autocracy which could be detrimental. The issue here is that parents are used to dictating what course of life their children should take. When such children are forced to make specific decisions, it becomes very hard for them to accept such ideas in full. An example is the cutting short of the dreams of the Red Scarf Girl of becoming a dancer. Her dreams were threatened by the communist revolution existing in China (Jiang, 24). The only positive side of autocratic leadership is that a child is molded into a useful creature according to the decision of parents.

The best alternative for autocratic leadership is to exercise democracy where people can respect the decision of others. Through this, it becomes possible for each to enjoy life without being threatened or coerced. I would be glad to give the document a grade of B simply because of how accurately it has presented facts about autocratic, egalitarian leadership, and inspirational leadership. The basis of autocratic rule has been likened to the use of “my way of the highway” which makes it look more of a dictatorial than democratic leadership (Chua, 22).

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