Read Some of Vladimir Nabokov's Novels

If you're a fan of Russian literature, you may be interested in reading some of Vladimir Nabokov's novels.

He's a Russian-American writer, entomologist, translator, and poet. He was born in Russia, and wrote his first nine novels in Russian. Later he lived in Berlin and later moved to the United States.

The Gift

Nabokov's novel, The Gift of Vladimir Nabokov, is a stunning achievement. In its wry, sharply observed prose, the author takes on the problems of art and its meaning in a world dominated by political and social forces. While many of his novels deal with this issue in various figurative disguises, The Gift focuses on a young artist growing up in post-World War I Berlin.


One of the most important novels of the twentieth century is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. This novel is told from the perspective of two main characters, a cuarenton professor and a young girl named Dolores. Both characters suffer from the same fate: being the unwitting victims of a pedophile's desire for them.

Bend Sinister

Vladimir Nabokov's Bend Sinister is a dystopian novel that was written in 1945. It was Nabokov's eleventh novel and his second to be published in English. It is a compelling story about the power of the state and its role in the human psyche.


Jean Holabird has interpreted the alphabet in a way that is unique and visually beautiful. Her artistic interpretation of the letters in Vladimir Nabokov's work is an utterly stunning visual masterpiece.


Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov, a well-known Russian journalist and member of parliament, was murdered on 28 March 1922 in Berlin. The assassins, led by a far-right Russian activist who sang the Tsarist national anthem, were targeting the liberal politician Pavel Miliukov. Nabokov wrestled the gunman to the floor before being shot twice. His killers, one of whom was convicted of his murder, were arrested and tried. The killers then fled to western Europe. Nabokov, a Russian citizen, was killed in an attempt to stop them. He was shot twice by Taboritsky and Shabelsky-Bork, who were both German citizens.


Vladimir Nabokov, born 117 years ago today, wrote "Mashenka" during a creative period in Berlin. He also wrote the autobiographical prose "Other Shores", which is a kind of commentary on the novel. The main theme of "Mashenka" is the conflict between past and present and between the living and dead. In addition, "Mashenka" is hidden in the category of time and space, which serves artistic functions. These include the natural and domestic spaces. Other important themes include absurdity, falseness and game.

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