Reacting to Change Through Training and Development

A firm’s performance can be improved by changing the candidates enrolled in training programmes

This also will reduce costs as only the firm’s foundations of productivity such as innovative and high-performing employees as well as effective leaders and managers will be involved.

Improving team and workforce productivity

Furthermore, to achieve an impactful aspect of team and work force productivity, training, retaining and hiring self-motivated employees with exceptional potentials is key.

This implies that high only high-performing and agile, continuous innovators or learners should be enrolled by Choc Co. to its learning and development program. Even the top workers in a firm might not improve productivity without first getting proper direction, resources, support, tools, and great managers because effective leaders and managers execute and set direction.

Choc Co. should ensure its learning and development programs improves the capacity of its leaders of hiring effectively, developing plans, motivating and coaching, which is crucial in improving its employees’ productivity.

Thus, the training should focus on developing great managers and leaders by removing and identifying those that are ineffective to minimize the budget.

Focusing on guidance and direction factors

Choc Co. should also pay more attention to its guidance and direction factors to reduce costs while also improving its productivity for the training program.

These factors include corporate plan and strategy, the purpose of teams, as well as individual and team goals.

In this case, Choc Co. should design an organizational layout and strategy that creates commitment during and after training sessions.

Additionally, a strategic plan and an effective business strategy increase the likelihood that a firm becomes successful, whereby success results in commitment (Sharif and Scandura 2014, p.185).

The company must also create a purpose for teams to make roles clear.

Creating a communicated and clear goal for the training and in their roles, that is compelling while also making employees feel valued ensures more productivity of the learning and development program, therefore, wholly implementing the cost and time incurred by the firm (Flink 2017, p. 102).

Before enrolling its employees into this program, Choc Co. should create individual and team goals for the respective trainees.

This way, the firm will have guaranteed maximum utilization of the learning and development provision.

Improving performance while reducing costs

Regardless of an economy being in a downturn or not, the firm's management should aim for more cost-effective solutions, which improve its productivity.

In that, if a current program hurts the company's profitability, the management should seek for tested and proven implementation that favors it most.

For instance, Choc Co. represents a traditionally minded company having low employee turnover levels on shop floor grounds.

The firm seems to have reflected a stability and steady progress mindset in its employees due to the competition it faces in a global economy that is rapidly changing.

Consequently, the company ought to shift towards a continuous improvement system through designing a culture whereby its employees get empowered for implementing small incremental changes, instead of imposing on them a substantial change from time to time (Flink 2017, p.104).

Insights, consolidation, and innovation

To improve performance while reducing costs, Choc Co. should offer insights as to when and where it should make changes.

In this case, initiatives to achieve this goal is not heralded through an appropriate study precisely regarding its influence on every department in the firm (Flink 2017, p. 104).

In fact, this could lead to unnecessary resources duplication that instead increases costs.

Second, Choc Co. should consolidate and automate.

The firm must work within its budget by identifying measures for consolidating its applications, processes, and storage.

Finally, Choc Co should develop an innovative environment that allows it to identify new strategies for driving costs even further.

Having a room for innovation enables the company to harness its potential for keeping this cycle running.

Employees' resistance to change

The likely sources of employees’ resistance to change can be if employees are highly invested in the current manner of attending to their roles (Sharif and Scandura 2014, p. 187).

In addition to this, workers who participated in the present manner of doing work might resist change of their way of attending to their duties.

Research suggests that the fear of shifting to unknown state results in stress and anxiety despite the current state is painful (Sharif and Scandura 2014, p.189).

Change management teams and project teams must react to such issues by addressing the resistance or mitigating it, rather than getting surprised.

In this case, the change of Choc Co. to its new training program for its employees lowers the costs incurred by the company to train its employees and improves its workforce’s efficiency as well as productivity.

Resistance driven by success and rewards

Most employees might resist change that managers implement, in case the employees were against the manager’s opinion.

Following this further, if an absolute worker has been quite successful or rewarded in a specific manner of adhering to his/her duties, then such a person might resist change to a new way of doing his/her work.

Study on the brain’s function implies that resistance is both a psychological changes reaction and a physiological reaction (Sharif and Scandura 2014, p. 189).

Thus, managers should know that employees need more brain power, allowing them to adhere to change.

Preparing for resistance to change

Conclusively, when managers are preparing for resistance to a certain change, they should spend adequate time before launching the project to identify the probable resistance sources.

Instead of Choc Co. managers awaiting resistance and just saying that they expected their employees’ resistance, while they took no measures to address the project’s upfront, they should be precise and proactive about possible causes of that resistance as well as the probable objections driving the opposition.


Flink, C.M., 2017. Rethinking punctuated equilibrium theory: A public administration approach to budgetary changes. Policy Studies Journal, 45(1), pp. 101-120.

Sharif, M.M. and Scandura, T.A., 2014. Do perceptions of ethical conduct matter during organizational change? Ethical leadership and employee involvement. Journal of Business Ethics, 124(2), pp. 185-196.

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