Qualitative Research: Investigating the Social World


Winder used a straightforward random sampling technique to analyze the population in her qualitative study to ascertain young Black homosexual men's behavioral and interpersonal responses to anti-gay religion beliefs. The 26 interviews were chosen at random from a large group of black men between the ages of 18 and 31.

Advantages of Simple Random Sampling

Due to its viability while taking into account a larger population, Winder chose to tackle the investigation using simple random sampling. The simplicity of the methodology makes it superior to other sampling techniques. Other procedures, such as probability sampling and stratified sampling techniques, require a lot of effort and are subject to mathematical errors since they are complicated (Schutt 2017). A simple random sampling is also a fair way of studying the population because it is bias free. This approach enables every member of the population to bear equal chances of being selected. Another important feature is its representativeness of the population. Schutt confirms that a simple random sampling has an element of luck hence sampling error is insignificant when studying a large number of a given variable.

Findings and Analysis

The most provoking result of the research is that only 15 out of 26 respondents expressed that the colleagues, family members, and friends had a negative thought on homosexuality (Winder 2015). A gay relationship is a form of sin, and it is controversial to read that a half of the population welcomed the idea. Since it is morally wrong, the turn up of those in opposition side ought to be more than three-quarter of the total respondents selected for the study. Another interesting feedback is that some individuals raised in religious backgrounds experience a harder time to realize their sexual identities (Winder 2015). According to many people's perception, these groups of individuals often get educated to stay away from sin. Homosexuality is one of the sins discouraged from children growing in religious settings, but the result obtained by Winder was contrary. A typical example from the research is Gary – a pastor's son who accepted that despite the bible being his point of reference, he indulged in homosexuality while in school without knowing that it was the matter insinuated by the biblical teachings as a sin. Therefore, the result confirms that there is still a different interaction between religion, sexuality, and race in the community.

Importance of Simple Random Sampling

However, a simple random sampling plays a critical role in giving out the result identified above. Since every member bears an equal opportunity of being selected, it is possible to obtain information from a single individual representing a bigger geographical area (Schutt 2017). For example, Winder decided to choose 56 % of the respondents who were employed, 26 % for full-time students and the remaining 18 % lacked jobs (Winder 2015). Therefore, the methodology ensured that the researcher captured all classes of the population to eliminate biases on the result. Again, Gary's case also illustrates the impact of simple random sampling in the study. Winder randomly selected the responded without knowing that he came from a Christian church environment. Eventually, the origin of the interviewee helped the researcher to summarize the conflict between homosexuality and religion. The methodology selected for studying this population was helpful because Winder was able to obtain respondents from different religious backgrounds and races for comparison purposes.


Schutt, Russell K. Investigating the Social World. 8th ed., [S.L.], Sage Publications, 2017.

Winder, Terrell J. A. Shouting It Out: Religion and the Development of Black Gay Identities. Qualitative Sociology, Vol 38, no. 4, 2015, pp. 375-394.

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