Purification Thermoifir using SCF-A

SCFs A and B

SCF-A removes harmful contaminants from Thermoifir samples more effectively than SCF-B. SCF-B, on the other hand, is a less effective and more expensive substance that is biodegradable and so environmentally beneficial. Furthermore, SCF-B is non-toxic, making it more appropriate given its compliance with the AIChE Code of Ethics.

SCF-A Evaluation

SCF-A should be evaluated because it is much more effective and inexpensive to a larger population than SCF-B. As a result, the corporation may contemplate purifying Thermoifir with SCF-A while notifying patients about the numerous health consequences. This initiative would be a reflection of one of the goals the AlChE code of Ethics which reinforces the need to be "honest and impartial and serving with fidelity their employers, their clients, and the public". Patients should have the option to be treated with a high-value medication if it is available even if it will lead to future health issues. As chemical engineers, we should be honest to clients (patients in this case) and provide the best valuable product.

Potential Consequences

However, purification Thermoifir using SCF-A may inspire increased health ramifications such as cancer if the process is maintained over a long period of time. Similarly, it will pollute the environment through its continued release which constitutes a flagrant violation to AlChE code of Ethics that reinforces the need for engineers to "hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and protect the environment in performance duties". Therefore, SCF-B should be selected even though SCF-A would be the option for some patients. The cost of other factors further impedes the selection of SCF-A. As engineers, we should consider providing a product which portends less harm to the environment and the health of the public in general just as the code emphasizes. Lastly, to achieve the goal of executing the engineering role in an ethical way, engineers should consider public interest such as the environmental concerns and the health of public over the interests of certain groups of individuals.

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