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The psychology career is one which I have had in mind for such a long time as it coincides with my interests. In spite of the fact that the psychology profession matched closely my personality, I realized that college had several profession opportunities and started considering the different avenues. Nevertheless, I still made a decision to deeply look into the psychology career.
Psychologists are scientists who find out about the intersection between the brain function and behavior and the intersection between surroundings and behavior. Given the nature of the job, the psychologists quite often are innovators who evolve new approaches from the already regarded knowledge to meet the needs of organizations, societies or clients. The career, therefore, involves the development of theories and tests through the research.

Unlike many careers which are confined to particular organizations, psychologists work both independently and with the other professionals such as lawyers and physicians. It is for this apparent reason why the psychologists are present in almost all organizations ranging from hospitals, universities, prisons, corporate offices among others. In other words, any organization with people needs a psychologist.

One of the main merits of the psychology as a career is the flexibility of their schedule. It is rampant to hear employees say they love their jobs for various reasons. For the psychologists, this love for career comes from the exciting changes taking place in their fields such as new technologies meant to help the humans and the constant endeavor to provide answers research questions such as in the diverse areas of perception, prevention, and learning.

It is admirable that psychology is such a large field of study. The sub-areas under the psychology career include the community psychology that involves strengthening communities, the counseling psychology which helps people in recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, development psychology, health psychology, forensic psychology, experimental psychology, engineering psychology, evolutionary psychology, environmental psychology and social psychology among others.

The job outlook in the psychology career requires a minimum of bachelor’s graduate degree, and as such, anyone interested in pursuing the psychology career must brace himself or herself for a long study ahead.

How much is a psychologist paid? Well, this is a question that people tend to ask when they want to explore a career. The psychology career may not be ranked the best paying in America at the moment, but the consolation is that it is not the worst paying either. Statistics reveal that the average annual wage for the counseling psychologists in California is $73,790 while that in San Diego is $63,790. This pay is relatively fine given an approximate growth of 27% in the career. At the current rate in California, it can be noted that a psychologist hired by a firm makes $3.50 per hour which according to survey, is sufficient to settle bills and allow for saving and investment. This makes the psychology career worthy as it makes the employees economically stable (Nathan, Ronald G., Bernard Lubin, and Joseph D. Matarazzo 420).

The psychology career has its demands in the job market just like the other careers. Due to the sensitivity of the profession, one has to obtain a license or certification in all the states to practice. One an individual is licensed; he or she is in a position to work in different places depending on his level of education. For instance, a psychologist who has a Ph.D. can work in health care facilities, government agencies, and private industries. It is of paramount sense to remind the interested parties that it takes five to seven years of graduate study to earn the Ph.D. It may take long, but once you have it, job opportunities will never disappear your way (Anderson, John R 1990).

Having taken a close check into the career, am more convinced that psychology is the right career for me and the other students who have same interests. One person who made an imprint in my life at only 15 years of age was Dr. Kezie, a counseling psychologist. The Dr. was tender-hearted, extremely intelligent and in contact with the problems of students. She made me like the career and most importantly let me realize how to go about it. The Dr. encouraged me to take part in the social and community work as it would give me a firsthand behavioral lessons free of charge.

As I conclude, the investigation has allowed me to learn quite a lot about the psychology career and greatly intrigued by the research. Besides, I am now aware that I do have many years of school ahead of me should I finally decide to pursue the career, something am fully convinced and ready to do. As it stands, I can rise to the occasion and dedicate myself emotionally, relationally, physically and financially to pursue the career.

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