Political Science: Terrorism Literature Review

In their books and articles, numerous security specialists have covered terrorism in great detail.

Even though the subject has been well discussed, it is still confusing, especially given how closely it relates to religion. In his paper, Randy Borum (13–17), 2011, outlines what constitutes a terrorist, what causes terrorism, and how to influence an extremist’s views. He argues that the key to defeating terrorism is to understand the mindset and strategies of extremists since doing so will enable the development of powerful defenses against the damaging impacts of terrorism. When a group is deemed evil, it is condemned and thus feels hopeless, it cannot be remedied through dialogue and diplomatic means. Terrorists then resort to violence directed towards the target group collectively in total disregard to the individual input to the said injustice.

On the other hand, Schbley (96-112) 2009

In her works, she looks at the psychosocial shared characteristics amongst Christian and Muslim psychological oppressors. Triggered by the psychological oppressor assaults of 9/11 where most Americans connect religious fear based oppression with just Islam and have the thought that no other religion is equipped for psychological oppression. All through the review, she investigates the psychosocial shared characteristics amongst Christian and Muslim psychological militants with solid ethno-religious personalities and offers a stage towards building up a typical profile of this sort of fear based oppressor. Schbley’s work demonstrated that there are no contrasts between these Islamic psychological oppressors and Christian fear based oppressors. She attributes terrorism to religious philosophies, for example, Islamic Jihad.

Also, Amritha Venkatraman, (16-33) 2008

In his works, Amritha Venkatraman continues the discussion by further demonstrating that there is no distinction between the Islamic and Christian fear based oppressor when their mental elements, individual attributes, and behavioral examples are looked at. Amritha’s study reaffirms further that religion’s contribution in psychological oppression is noteworthy in giving the fear based oppressor reasons for legitimizing their demonstrations of dread towards others.

According to Evgeny Morozov, (15-30) (2009)

In his Boston review, Evgeny Morozov introduces the topic of Digital Terrorism, while Cyber fighting certainly raising issues of developing national intrigue and concern. In the article, Morozov have references to the claim and shows incredible regard prompting the title of this portion besides completely through computerized fighting, digital fighting, and digital psychological oppression, and it doesn’t make a difference what subtitle is utilized the primary concern is it stays exaggerated and in addition dubious part of the War on Terror.

All in all, the tactics and actions as well as ideologies of a terrorist group, or individual should be analyzed.

This should be geared towards what extremists are most likely to do which may harm or attempt to destroy the "offensive" group which caused a negative effect on the extremists. It is imperative to understand the reason why the extremists use some tactics and not others, so that measures to counter them can be tailor-made to handle the specific nature of the threat.


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