Policy Transfer, Translation and the Role of Communication

The Core Cause of the Article

The core cause of this article is to give insights regarding the motion of policies by exploring all mileage of conversation complete with its importance and its tactics which touches on the viability of policy transfer.


This article examines the core values of policy switch and translation and brings into focus communication theories which are section and parcel of policy movements. The background to this learn about is the discrepancy of a policy(s) and the context.

Importance of Communication in the Business World

Policymakers have put much emphasis on acquisition of strategies whilst turning a blind eye to the context issues. In the business world, for instance, viable verbal exchange is key to policies as it ensures smooth switch that keeps the context in mind.

Research Scope

The research is based totally on the issues arising from the policy transfer process. According to this study, there should be a comprehensive consideration and understanding of the communicative method to solve the discrepancy that exists between a policy and the context at hand thereby ensuring viable transfer (translation). The existing culture has been the real transfer of plan(s) without much consideration on the background and audience, rendering it less viable since it usually fails to serve it purposefully (Park Wilding, and Chung, 2014).

Parameters of the Research

The research employed a variety of parameters including:
- Linking communication to success which aims to distinguish programmatic success and political success.
- Practical usefulness of policy translation that explores the interpretation of the core features of the original policy to ensure its viability after transfer.
- Policy legitimacy which promotes confidence of the public regarding its application.
- Leadership in context to provide tailoring of systems to fit a particular context.
- Feasibility test with the aim to explore the issues arising between policy stakeholders and policy leaders (Park, Wilding, and Chung, 2014).

Findings of the Research

The findings of this research are that, policy leaders of the receiving country may tamper with the original provisions of the policy for selfish gains, hence no smooth communication between lender and borrower and reducing the transmission between borrower and policy stakeholders to propaganda. Also, operating and technical rationality, the policy leaders in the borrower side, seek to analyze the original policy as relevant information and introduce the plan that fits their situation after a calculation of the optimal solution to the problem. Further, a borrower may resort to liaise with a lender regarding the relevance of the policy before borrowing which enables the borrower to modify the plan and their discretion. The policy leaders can collude with citizens in the tailoring of the translated strategy to bring in some Jeffersonian sense in decision-making (Park, wilding, and Chung, 2014).

Future Research

To move the topic forward, future research should be based on the fundamental contributions and importance of all the key players involved and affected by policy transfer. These crucial players include the policy lender, the borrower, and audience or citizens. The citizens, in this case, take a more significant part because they set the basis of the critical objectives, the sustainability, the workability of any policy (Park, wilding and Chung, 2014). It is, therefore, a more excellent idea to take into consideration of all parts concerned, should there be an efficient policy transfer.

Importance of Communication in Business Setup

In any business setup, all parties involved are the key to its success which makes it a wakeup call to emphasize leading players such as the customer which sets the basis of issues such as the preference. The customer will also determine the quality of both goods and service and the demand. A productive communication, from the business stakeholders down to the final consumer, renders any given business a plus in its operations, thus leading to rapid growth and profitability.


Park, C., Wilding, M., & Chung, C. (2014). The importance of feedback: Policy transfer, translation and the role of communication. Policy Studies, 35(4), 397-412. doi:10.1080/01442872.2013.875155

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