Plato and Aristotle

Philosophers have had a huge effect on people’s lives around the world, using terminologies that have provided advice on how to live in society in the best way possible. It is also said that Aristotle based his world observations on areas that Plato had not covered. Aristotle and Plato are two well-known Greek thinkers who made a difference in the world, but came to different conclusions on some issues. Plato, for example, is known for his influence on western objective idealism and the lessons he offers. Aristotle, on the other hand, was based on using logic to make his interpretations of public events. These models of interpretations make the characters have different views about the world and how best an individual can live and execute his acts. However, the public hardly raised different understanding of the concepts that they often raised during their time of publications.


He often had an interpretation that the world of ideas is the real existence and the human senses have a direct link to the real world. Additionally, this phenomenon in the world shows temporary changes and other characteristics. For example, the philosopher believes that every individual’s knowledge I derived from their talent and is always existent in their souls. These interpretations further lead to a conclusion that people will never have similar levels of knowledge as they should distinct talents. On the other hand, an individual may argue that knowledge can not only be derived from constant talent, practice of a given activity will have an impact on an individual’s knowledge. Plato further concludes that the understanding of any person is not the feelings of the world material, but the memory of the concept of the world. People will develop their knowledge based on the model of bringing up that the parents/guardians offer to that child. The child will then improve the ability to remember the acts that were being taught to him/her while young.


Aristotle had a different model of expressing his ideas to the public through the use of logic in analyzing an argument. Therefore, people will always derive to a conclusion based on the model of reasoning that has been applied in that context. An individual’s way of reasoning will make the public interpret the type of character that he/she possesses. Additionally, Aristotle applied the aspect of ethics to Plato’s terminologies to identify the factors of development in society. However, even with the acceptance of the use of reason, it was often used differently in making any demonstrations. Aristotle further concluded that there is no need for an individual to be rational as it will have a direct impact on the aspect of understanding the other side of the world.


In conclusion, these philosophers lacked an ideal foundation for Aristotle, making progression on Plato’s failures and sections that he had not covered. The various metaphors often lead to distinct responses from the public as any person will raise an unmistakable conclusion of a given topic. People will always create different interpretations of the world based on their understanding with little information picked from the assumptions of these philosophers. Therefore, the majority of the current population will hardly make conclusions from the interpretations of these philosophers based on the fact that there was no substantial foundation for the two characters.

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