Persuasive essay on Harlem Renaissance

The major goal of this project

The major goal of this project is to compose a persuasive essay that will demonstrate how adaptable and knowledgeable I am when it comes to organizing and presenting a sound argument.

Highlighting key terminology

Second, this essay will highlight and define the key terminology in that book.

The literary work from the Harlem Renaissance period

I decided to employ a literary work from the Harlem Renaissance period to finish this paper. In general, this is a period that displayed social, artistic, and cultural exposition (Baker 12).

The New Negro Movement

It took place at Harlem, New York. During that era it was widely known as the New Negro Movement. It was initially named after Alain Locke’s anthropology in 1925. Generally, it began in the year 1920 (Sherrard 8).

The main literary work

The main literary work that is going to be used to complete on this essay is the Black Culture and the Harlem Renaissance. This book was written by Wintz, Cary in the year 1943 (Wintz 2). It has a total of 277 pages and was originally published by Houston: Rice University Press in 1988.

The main purpose of the book

After reading the entire book, it is safe to state the fact that the main purpose or idea that Wintz, Cary was trying to put across was how Harlem grew and how it was important in redefining the African American Identity.

Harlem as an ordinary place

It is with no doubt that the Harlem period is one of the most productive periods in the American history as it gave rise to a new of culture and fine music. It also led to some of the best forms of art ever delivered in the 20th Century. It is important to note the fact that Harlem was an ordinary place just like any other, however after the migration of the Black people into the area a lot changed. The main reason for the immigration is the fact that most of them were looking for areas where they could get Jobs.

Post World War 1

As soon as the World War 1 came to an end, the Black people returned to their homes. To their utter disbelief, they were not recognized as they thought they would be (Wintz 30). A majority of the Black veterans that participated in the war thought they would be could be given some of honor as a token of appreciation for the well done job in the war (Wintz 32). During this time, a majority of the areas in West and North America were blooming up due to the large number of industries that had been built in the area. Secondly as a result of the decline in immigration from Europe there was a shortage in the number of people who offered labor. In a bid to fill this gap, a majority of the Black people opted to shift to the Western and Northern parts of the Country. Generally, it is safe to state that the main reason behind most of this people changing their areas of livelihood is the fact that they wanted better lives, a stable economic environment and better education for their little ones (Hutchinson 15). Some of the main areas where this people shifted to were New York City, Chicago and Detroit. The majority group decided to settle at Harlem.

Art and politics during the Harlem Renaissance period

In reference to this book, it is safe to state the fact that the main argument that can be related during the Harlem Renaissance period is art and politics (Wintz 40). In a lay man's language, art refers to a range of Human activities that involve the creation of auditory, visual and performing artifacts. Generally, most of this artifacts tend to express the author's technical and imaginative skills. When we look at this book, art and politics form the main thesis of the book. Technically, it is safe to state the fact that the main/essential terms in this book are art and politics. This are the main arguments and concepts that are discussed.

Black movements in Harlem

Harlem was one of main areas where Blacks led by charismatic leaders such as Marcus Garvey performed silent marches that were used to protest the injustice that the Black people received from the White people and their Government (Sherrard 41). A good example that can be used to prove the fact that Harlem was center for most of the black movements is the fact that it was the headquarters for most of the Black movements such as NAACP which stands for The National Association for the Advancement of Colored people and the National Urban League's Opportunity" A Journal of Negro Life. Most of this movements were designed to fight for the rights of the black people (Sherrard 50). As mentioned earlier, the black people were treated unfairly the majority of the white group of people. Secondly, this groups were important in the sense that they were used to liberate the black people. Based on this scenario, it is safe to state the fact that during Harlem Renaissance Period, the whites were a united race that were well liberated. Lastly this Black movement groups were important since they were used to maintain and preserve the African Culture.

Art in the Harlem Renaissance period

When we look at art, the Harlem Renaissance period played a great role. In this case it is important to note the fact that most of the migrants particularly from the south had their own form of art. For example the people from the South had their own composure and form of music (Wintz 25). Basically to generalize the whole issue art in the Harlem Renaissance period involved a process through which African and American writers, musicians and artists came together so that they can be able to embrace the Black heritage and culture in relation to the American life. As a result of this change and adaptation to a new form of life the concept "New Negro" came about. The term was initially brought by an individual known as Alain Locke (Sherrard 18). In reference to this literary work, it is safe to state the fact that the Renaissance period led to the birth of American Jazz music.

Jazz music

Jazz music is a form of art that is popular all over the World. Currently, at least every Continent has its own form of Jazz music (Hutchinson 49). A good example is the Indian and African Jazz. The only difference between this continental groups of music is the composure and the beats that have been used to form the music. Today when we look at the American Jazz music, most of the composers and artists of this form of art are people who have their true origins from the southern part of the Country.

Importance of the Harlem Renaissance period

Despite the fact some people may conclude that the Harlem Renaissance Period is not responsible for the birth of new art such as music, it is quite safe to state the fact that were it not for the migration of the people from the South, new music and other forms of art would not have been developed (Sherrard 29). In conclusion, the main concepts/essential terms to watch out in this literary genre are art and politics. This are the key defining words that have been used as the main focus in the book. Without this terms, it is quite difficult to understand the main significance of the book or what the author was trying to put across.

The Black culture in the book

The Black culture is well defined, interpreted and guarded in this book. This book gives an overview of how the blacks came together after the World War 1. It also defines how they assisted each other to overcome life challenges and struggles. Last but not least, this book serves to explain on two crucial points that would have been difficult to understand if they were not well laid out in the book. Art and Politics are the main essential terms that create the basis of this book.

Works Cited

Baker Jr, Houston A. Modernism and the Harlem renaissance. University of Chicago Press, 2013.

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