Personal experience with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: My Personal Experience

"If you can change your mind, you can change your life," American philosopher William James once said. A lack of personal self-awareness marked my teenage years. Indeed, as a teenager, I've found myself in positions where I've had to decide whether or not what I'm doing is right or wrong. The friends portrayed it I used to hang out with and the activities I was involved in. I never knew the effect of my decisions on my parents' welfare. Indeed, my mode of thinking resulted in me making decisions that would somewhat be considered unwise coming from a teenager like myself. Unfortunately, I never imagined that my way of thinking could have an adverse effect on the people who were special to me. The experience was powerful because it has an impact on my future life and the well-being of my parents. Thus, it struck my mind that I had to do something to change the status quo.

Utilizing Emotional Intelligence to Resolve the Issue

Following the continued misfortunes in my life, at some stage, I realized that it would be vital for me to start utilizing emotional intelligence to resolve the issue. According to Langley (2000), emotional intelligence is a state of competence in one's emotional awareness where one is able to recognize their emotions and that of the people surrounding them (Langley 178). The concept was first utilized by Michael Beldoch and indicates one's power to discern the mixed feelings and adapt to the changing environments leading to the achievement of an individual's own goal. Indeed, I embraced the concept of emotional intelligence which has since then been instrumental in helping transform the manner in which I view issues with regard to my personal self and the people surrounding me. In particular, my greatest concern has been the need to discern the feelings of my parents whose health was taking a toll on them because of the manner in which I have been conducting myself.

Positive Impact on My Parents' Health

Through emotional intelligence, I came to realize that my conduct and behave had a significant impact on the state of my parent's health. Indeed, I could see the worry and concern in my parents, and this was equally manifested in their health. At this stage, I had just joined high school and was working up my way in starting to develop my career. From time, their health was deteriorating. They never pointed out what the problem was. However, as I advanced with my studies, my ability to embrace the concept of emotional intelligence empowered me to understand that my parents were in suffering. Six months down my high school life, I had learned to change my behaviors. Even though the transformation was gradual, I could see the positive impact that it had on my parents. Indeed, the state of health of my parents was improving by the day. I am glad that the change of positive behavior equally enabled me to meet the right friends whom I believed played a vital role in further boosting my emotional intelligence. I was confident enough to reassure my parents not to worry but have faith that I was on the right path. Of course, I understood that my parents would want to see proof of change of my behavior. Indeed, the end of year exams depicted the change in my character. I had resolved to commit toward positive behavior with a focus on improving my academics. Indeed, the results I obtained were excellent, and my parents could not hide their joy. In addition, my parents were thrilled with the kind of friends I had. Jason and Andrew were admired by my parents not only because of their character but their commitment to excellence in academics. Indeed, one could notice the difference in the state of health of my parents, a year ago and now. I believe the realization of the idea of emotional intelligence has been instrumental in positively influencing my life. I had a positive mindset and was determined on working out with the encouragement of my friends. As my state of health improved, so did that of my parents. The realization of emotional intelligence enabled me to change my attitude and the manner in which I treated my parents. They could not hide their appreciation and happiness following the transformation.

Overall Changes in My Life

Overall, significant changes have occurred in my life following this experience. I have had a change of attitude which positively influenced my health. In particular, I committed to working out to improve my life. Finally, my behavior has enabled me to get the right friends to help me face different issues. In general, emotional intelligence has been instrumental in facilitating the change of my experience in life.

Works Cited

Langley, Andrew. "Emotional intelligence–a new evaluation for management development?." Career development international 5.3 (2000): 177-183.

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