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The characteristics that an individual exhibits in society determine the perceptions that the public is to witness. The method of creating a distinguished term, according to the personal ethics declaration issued, would provide an analysis of the type of thoughts that an individual uses to characterize an event. The ethics statement also assists the reader in devising an adequate measure to explain an incident or making a public expression. The public who use originality and imagination will face few challenges in the course of developing solutions. They will easily assess the reality of what is triggering dissatisfaction with our forms of life. In the long run, they will have the ability to point out the truth and follow the right path in the execution of any activity.

On the other hand, the plan will offer guidance on selecting priorities in the different activities that I wish to implement. However, some instance will call for the need for advice on the most appropriate way to solve the problem. It will then be applied at the point of evaluating my goals in life and looking at what mentors and other leaders are telling their followers. However, when wrong decisions in life are made, I will not hesitate to switch to the legitimate ways of drafting conclusions. Singer (2) further points out that ethics will only provide better results in practice than using it through ethics. Nevertheless, the reverse of this is closer to the truth as a section of the public thinks that consciences are inapplicable in the real world. It is however because ethics is a system based on straightforward and short rules.

Work Cited

Singer, Peter. Practical Ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.

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