People all over the world have believed in the existence of Satan

More than 3000 years ago, people all over the globe believed in the existence of Satan.

The oldest chapters of the Bible were written by unknown hands.

The Middle Eastern regions were the devil's birthplace.

Satan, the person who makes Job's existence miserable, is not a demon.

Satan first appears as an angel-like being. He makes an effort to debate God.

Because Job remained faithful to God despite his trials, Satan is defeated in their debate.

As a result, everyone on earth must choose a side because virtuous people are rewarded and bad people are burned. Zoestra teaches that the universe is a battle between the good and evil

The good god was the god of light and order. The bad god was the god of chaos and darkness

He categorized the characters into good and bad god. The thought of evil and good then began

The gods were good and bad until one man called Zoroestra stood out

In ancient Persia which include Iran, Iraq and Syria, there were many gods

In Gospel, Jesus warns people that there is danger that awaits them called Gehana. It was the place where Jerusalem authorities would burn the bodies of executed criminals.

Hidris is also known as the god of wealth and abundance. Most people have believed for many years that Satan can make you rich. The underworld of Hidris does not have fire

Zoroestra was defeated by Alexander the Great and the Greek culture

The Greek introduced a large cast of gods in Israel who will shape the image of Satan

One of the gods was Hidris and had black beared and often sat on throne carrying a fox

The ancient Greek sees Hidris as the god of justice since people die they go to Hidris afterwards, Hidris decides whether people go to place of happiness or misery

Apocalyptic battle will take place where the good and the evil will fight till end

The book of Revelation points out that Satan was sent down by God and would be locked up several yaers to come

The name is found in the book of revelation and is called the Beast 666

Satan was behind the throne of Caesar. Satan is given one of mysterious name

Too many Jewish and Christians were prosecuted by Roman Empire

Satan has grown to a powerful figure and the Jewish land is ruled by Romans

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1st Century AD

The serpent that tempted Adam and Eve has long been thought to be evil.

It is from the dragon that it is thought that Satan inherits the feet

For many years, the dragon was the symbol of evil.

Satan was also perceived as a dragon or serpent that tempted Eve and Adam

The wings of the devil echoes that at one point he was an angel but the wings looks more like a dragon

Satan has a black skin and hair like Hidris who is the ruler of the underworld

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Dawn of Christian era

Such people should be punished and tortured to help them see the light

Churches claim that any person who disagree with them is working for the devil

Satan is also instrumental in keeping and maintaining the power.

The Christian Bishops now have real power supported by the state

The ones prosecuted religion becomes the official creed of the mighty empire

Roman Emperor converts to Christianity

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4 Centuries after Christ

Most Christian leaders perceived him as a threat

The most popular pagan god of all is Pan

Many Romans are still praying to the god of wind called Fatuma

The bishops are worried that the pagan gods are becoming way too popular

Under the protection of the Roman Empire Christian religion grows

Many people lost their lives for being suspected of working for Satan

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450 years AD

Islam and Christians suspect one another of being in a league with Satan

Some people were beginning to believe that Satan was even more powerful

The crusade turned into brutal 45 years’ war and several people lost their lives.

A crusade against Catalans was launched because they refused to be reconverted

Catalans of Southern France claimed that all material possession are evil

Church has shown its followers that Satan is a powerful enemy

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After 1000 years of Christianity (1209)

The torturing process was supposed to be limited without injuries

Often times the people in charge of the process defied the rules

However, the torturing process must follow a strict guideline

The torture must be done until the suspects confess

Pope Innocent iv ruled against Christians

He pointed out that those suspected of heresy must be tortured

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May 1252

The day is seen as unlucky day filled with roaming evil spirrits

It has somehow been linked with satanic forces

Since the purge of the knights Friday 13th has been regarded as evil

The pagan god was called Buffomet

He accussed them of worshipping a pagan god

King Philip makes witchcraft charges against leaders of the knights

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Most people believed that witches were making pacts with the devil

There were also fears around the continent of Europe

There was suspicion some priests could use exorcism to invite the devil

There was a big worry that unscrupulous priest could take advantage of exorcism

Pope the 22nd ordered an inquisition to target sorcery and witchcraft

War against Satan has took ano

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The most victims were women as they were susceptible to temptation from the devil

A campaign against witchcraft was started and lasted for 300 years

The woman managed to escape but her rescuer was captured and tortured to death

There were many claims that the woman killed her previous lovers

Dispute over land inheritance

A rich woman was accused of being a witch and having a demon lover

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The witches also gather in Satan worshiping ceremonies

The book further explained that witches have the mark of Satan

The book pointed out that believing in witchcraft and not believing is herressy

The book is called Harmer of Witches

A book on witches is published by two Germans


Understanding witchcraft was the way to deal with the devil

The era also saw an attempt to venture into science

Each one claim that their opponent is in a league with the devil

Each faction which is catholic and protestant accuses one another

Martin Luther led protestant revelation

The protestant revelation split Christianity into two

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More than 150 people were also arrested and 19 women killed

Three years later another woman is hanged Massachusetts

Several red dolls were found in her home proving her guilt

In 1688, Irish woman is accused in Boston of bewitching some chidren

The devil travelled with the Europeans to this new world

New world led by Europeans called America

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The Satan uses sweet products to lure people to commit sins

The Satan also had the capability to lure the consumers

He can solve issues such as chocolate and beer

The devil joins the world of business and helps solve problems

The figure of the devil takes a turn for the worst

The devil became a figure of fun and entertainment

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20th Century

The measures included imprisonment, torture and secret hearings.

The measures that were taken after the attack resemble the ones that were taken on Satan 400 years ago

Most American military leaders acknowledged that the enemy was the devil

It was easy to believe that it was purely a showdown between evil and good

The terrorist attack shook America and the world and many believed that evil forces did it

Massive Terrorist attack

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September 2001

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