Only in Canada, you say

According to the post, there is nothing that is uniquely Canadian. It is shown by various goods that originated in different countries and were adapted to suit the Canadian community. For example, the pajamas worn at night originated in East India, and the bed originated in Asia, implying that Canada had no part in the product’s growth. Many other products, such as glass tiles, newspapers, bathtubs, toilets, and slippers, were not made in Canada. As a result, it is evident that most of the products that Canadians appreciate originated in other countries (Linton, 1936). However, ethnocentrism has made a significant contribution to the positive functioning of most Canadian culture so that the country is now enjoying the variety of services that other cultures from different countries invented. For example, the use of rubber shoes that initially originated in Central American Indians has helped a lot in preventing diseases associated with walking barefooted. Also, the discovery of the tiles used in housing constructions has significantly improved the living standard of Canada (Linton, 1936). So, it is evident that generally the intervention of other cultures in Canadian one has improved their way of life and gave a challenge of inventing their own goods to enhance the culture.
Nevertheless, despite the good things that come along with ethnocentrism, there are some shortcomings which bring inequality among the society. For instance, being from U.S.A, where technology systems are well developed, and travelling to another place where technological structure is not so well developed, the country might be seen as ‘primitive’, which is not true. It is about inequality. Finally, it is good to note that inventions from different ideas are useful as it helps others to live a comfortable life.

Linton, R. (1936). The study of man, New York: Appleton-century-crofts. Hysterical Psychoses and Possessions, 67.

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