Obamacare Act

Repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. The new act will replace the act with Savings Accounts, allowing the state to manage Medicaid funds and allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines. It will benefit citizens by expediting the approval of life-saving pharmaceuticals and providing better coverage. Because it is an Act, it will need to be approved by Congress. It was introduced to Congress and approved by the Second House Committee. The Act will have an impact on the citizens of the United States. End illegal immigration Act Fully fund construction of the Southern border wall with full reimbursement by the Mexican government. It has received a lot of criticism and protests by the citizens and the Mexican government. It is an Act that affects the people both globally and locally. President Trump has moved ahead under executive order. Arguments are that America is past the age of discrimination and the wall would be taken the nation back to that era. The element does not necessarily need the Congress approval.

Replacement of Justice Scalia. The president named Justice Neil Gorsuch. It received a protest by the Democrats who vowed to block Gorsuch’s confirmation. It will have to pass the senate for confirmation. It has a direct impact on the American citizens as the Justice will be the determinant of the legal system.

Removal of more than 2 million illegal immigrants and cancel visas to foreign countries. The president issued an executive order that deny refugees and immigrants from certain countries entry to US. The travel ban is a global issue. It was faced with protests from the citizens and faced major setback at the Supreme Court. The arguments is that the travel ban is discriminatory and does not promote the American spirit of oneness.

Lifting of the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow energy infrastructure projects. The president signs an order that allows the construction of Keystone Pipeline. It is faced with climate change activist protests because the project was shut down because of the environmental concerns. This project could create more jobs for the American citizens.


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