Network Engineer Personal Statement

I have always been excited about Information Technology, and this is what drove me to pursue Network Engineering. This field interests me due to the fact of its challenging complexity and the rate of growth and dynamics that characterize the industries it serves. While I was nonetheless a student, I had the opportunity to work as an intern in one of the largest businesses in the city. Here I was actively involved in the installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and upkeep of both extensive and neighborhood area network software, hardware and telecommunications services. This consists of firewalls, VoIP hardware/software, Internet service providers, web servers, cabling, switches, community software application, and routers.
I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Network Engineering, a Cisco CCNA and CCIE certifications with ten years of Wireless network experience in a Cisco environment, WAN and LAN. In the ten years, I have been able to take up more responsibilities and build on my skills and abilities. As such I can implement new Data centers with hybrid cloud with AWS, Cisco ACI as well as support the existing infrastructure. Equally, I can test Multi-vendor software upgrades, route protocols (EIGRP, BGP, and OSPF), Cisco Nexus, Wide Area Network typologies, VSS and other Data Center and office switching infrastructures. I have gained hands on experience with Cisco ACI, VMWare integration, Voice (VoIP), Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers, ISE, APs, and ACS as well as the capacity to implement and manage the same. Besides being knowledgeable in SIP, I can administer and maintain both Remote Access and Site-to –Site VPN technologies. The Strong background in the implementation and designing multiple service networks enables me to integrate multiple separate networks resulting from mergers correctly.

Working in a team is an exciting experience. Being cooperative and social, I have always been happy about sharing my experience and views with workmates. This attitude has placed me into a position where I can lead technical discussions, represent functional areas on the project team, demonstrate the subject matter in an expert way and provide the supporting rationale very critical in achieving group targets. I continue to take up some courses to keep up with the latest technological developments in the field. My active participation in workshops, events, and seminars have enabled me to make an immense contribution towards the development of DR/BCP and related materials. In particular, I am in a position to participate in the audit of regulatory compliance analysis and remediation efforts. I can competently handle the execution of recovery and requirements of BCP that results from declarations of DR/BCP.

Besides possessing strong MS Word and MS Visio skills necessary for the documentation of networks, I am an excellent communicator with strong written and verbal skills. My hard work, commitment, and passion and desire make me spend the time to learn and know more. I take a keen interest in prioritizing tasks, being sure to complete the job within the stipulated timeframe. I enjoy a challenge and works amicably with others always being receptive to new ideas but do have the confidence in my ability. The job being my passion, I promise total commitment to becoming a top professional. My combination of experience in configuring, monitoring, and supporting advanced network switches, experience with a Cisco ASA Firewall and NEC VoIP, comprehensive knowledge of SNMP, Net Flow and Syslog as well as excellent organizational, leadership and analytical skills reassures me of my capabilities to handle all that this position entails.

Part two: The Approaches to Writing My Personal Statement

A typical hiring company like the Momentum Resource Solution always get a lot of applications for every vacant position that they advertise. According to Arruda and Dixson (2010), every applicant always attaches their transcripts and other relevant credentials; however, it is only their personal statements that always differ; each candidate having a unique one. Therefore, it is the personal statement that differentiates job applicants hence for it to stand out, I had to tell my story in my voice and creativity.

I had to start strong; make it clear why I am applying for the post of a Network Engineer within the company. I had to indicate that I have always had a passion for the profession and have also practiced in other companies. Hence, I have the necessary experience, skills and knowledge background for the task. I have ensured that my statement is easy to read. According to Ding (2007), a good personal statement should be of well-structured paragraphs that define an applicant’s experience, aspiration, and other additional qualifications.

By providing examples of my strengths and qualities, I ensured that I wrote my description that must be unique on its own. I made sure that I demonstrated my real interest in the job by describing my experience in the same field. It is always important to focus a relevant portion of a statement expressing your interest by giving detailed information on your experience as a shred of evidence to your genuine interest (Jones, 2013). I did not lose sight of the task at hand. I have given a demonstration of why I am the perfect choice for the job by not just describing myself. Finally, I assured the company that I have the relevant work experience to deliver the expectations of the job.


Arruda, W., & Dixson, K. (2010). Career distinction: stand out by building your brand. John Wiley & Sons.

Ding, H. (2007). Genre analysis of personal statements: Analysis of moves in application essays to medical and dental schools. English for Specific Purposes, 26(3), 368-392.

Jones, S. (2013). “Ensure That You Stand Out from the Crowd”: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Personal Statements according to Applicants’ School Type. Comparative Education Review, 57(3), 397-423.

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