navy contract cost

The Importance of Thorough Documentation in Contract Proposals

The completion of a contract proposal would necessitate excellent documentation that creates self-evident coordination that is satisfactory to the contract, cost assessment taking industry differences into account, and thorough determination of the necessary criteria to remove all contract liabilities.

The Navy's Partnership with the Company

Prior to contract execution, it is therefore important to perform a thorough review of any uncertainties that can impact the contract. The navy wanted to partner with the firm because of its fixed costs, high level of facilities, and distinctive floor coating. The company's patent on specialty floor coating is a competitive advantage with its local competitor and therefore the local competitor has consented to offer the same flooring services to the navy as the sub-contractor. As the company works under the HUB Zone program it will be easier for it to contract easily with the navy. The contract is with the federal government thus will follow terms and procedure as provided by the U.S government, the Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) are administered by the General Services Administration, and auxiliary requirements applicable to procurement activities (Roberts 1963). The company will give public advertisement for the bid according to the condition stated by us government.

Criteria to Consider in Federal Government Contracts

There are explicit criteria to consider while dealing with the federal government contracts, that is the cost to bid, type of payment considering (performance-based payment, receiving progress payment and partial payments) most governments contracts use performance-based payments and progress payment. The terms and approach to consider while acquiring the equipment, a formal prerequisite request and agreement to purchase lease are essential terms I will use, inspections and quality control procedure are crucial as every customer wants quality work and deliverance, I believe ISO 9001:2015 certificate is the best quality control systems. The mechanisms or the process for contract closeout that the company would use while contracting with the navy base and if there would be any patent infringement from the bottom considering the company's own patent on specialty floor coating and necessary documentation and efficient cost calculation I will achieve my goal. This paper will enlighten on what to include using the above criteria to ensure the company meets the high standards.

Effectiveness of Performance-Based Payment in Government Contracts

In any contract proposal type of payment for bid is effectual. The company will have to arbitrate the advantages and disadvantages of all payment type while bidding. Performance-based and progress based payment are made through the measure of work accomplished, also they the methods most preferred in the government contract. I will use Performance-based payment, it identifies same agreeable ground amount based on specific set criteria met, and any risk of loss remains with the contractor, not the government thus the navy will prefer the mode of payment bid for this reason. Performance-based payment is discretionary especially if the company uses fixed-price payment. Most government contracts use performance-based payment. Hence this mode of payment is the most effective. Also, the firm uses fixed-price type contract, and performance-based pay works on condition for the fixed-type deal. It's also easier to come to agreeable terms with during acquisition that is, the terms would be sufficient if the proposed performance-based financing conditions meet the requirements of the regulations. (Koernar, K. 2007)

Ensuring Equipment Availability for the Contract

This company patent is specialty floor coating; the company flooring machines have been dated, this is the problem with the company can't achieve any contract. The company will need to rent equipment at a very low cost. Also, the navy equipment is not in use and could solve just the problem, am contracting with the navy I could request for their equipment, including the request in the contract will lead to its rejection and hence I will have to find the best approach to the contracting officer of my client (the navy). A formal expedient to achieve an agreement consequently be able to get the lease or purchase the equipment are key as described below.

Approaching the Contracting Officer for Equipment Rental

First I will approach the contracting officer and request for an expedient formal agreement on their not in use flooring accompaniments. This approach will be made before the final contract acquisition. I will seek for a cheaper bid to the equipment, and being in the position of contracting with them (navy), I might get the machine at a more affordable cost than renting from other sources. We will negotiate on the price and mode of payment; the best way is not to pay through cash will be effectual in eliminating risks and liability to the company. The fee may be included when financing the contract, or be paid prior the contract completion. This approach will enable the company to sublet the machinery by the navy at lower cost hence maximum savings. The invoiced pay and lease will be documented and saved in the company store for transparency and accountability.

Ensuring Quality Work and ISO Certification

Quality work is key to every client or customer. Before a client finalizes any contract, they will need assurance that the company delivers quality work. Therefore I have put procedures and measures that will assure my client on what I provide. I believe ISO certification will meet my client expectations and quality requirement; I will have ISO 9001:2105 certificate a quality control procedure shows that my company quality work will satisfy the navy, it is discretionary as it can be used by any company and is primarily used by many organizations. I will put in place plan on how I will go about quality control and inspection procedure. The program will ensure that quality inspections will be done at the start of any project and follow-up check-ups are done regularly, for example, a weekly inspection will deliver the best result. ISO certificate is documented and will be cost friendly hence a benefit to the company. The will help the company be able to budget for the plan thus no unnecessary cost in current therefore one documented contract cost.

Protection of Company's Patent and Closeout Process

Every client needs assurance that the company's patent is authorized, licenses ensure that invention right of the company is secured they also show the originality of work. Being a private company, that has patent on specialty floor coating; I will need to provide detailed information to my client (navy) that depicts that it is valid and legal to prevent patent infringement objection by supporting my claim with a document showing patented invention on my specialty floor coating. Additionally, I will also involve authorized issues like royalty report copyright and submit to my client previous disclosure reports. With all these aspects met I believe that navy will not have patent infringement objection. In addition, I will also not incur any patent infringement objection liability even if my patent is valid because the whole process offers a satisfactory expectation to my client. Withal I will have saved some extra costing through documenting of my work because I would have had to incur cost acquiring the documents if I had not documented. The purpose of the closeout process is to ensure that all conditions are met patent and royalty report checked, contract process checked, and cost reviewed analyzed and agreed upon (FAR 4.804-5). Mechanisms for contract closeout will involve; identifying the office responsible for the contract closeout by looking at the blocks showing modifications, contact the responsible person to establish some starting ground. I will create a closeout file which is a tool for ensuring closeout process is complete, and also make sure the contract is accounted for to find out if the agreement is finished and should follow physical procedure. Establish any funds that must also be obligated consider it is fixed price contracts; all invoice spreadsheets should be recorded. Arbitrate security classification by examining the agreement through finding form DD 254, where the Defense Security Service is notified that the contract is complete and classified (Rendon, R.G 2008). Finally I will find the additional funds needed to that will harmonize the contract cost through invoice payment (that I have previously archived) and negotiation, I will also not forget the security of my services as it also a crucial demeanor. This process which will be useful for the company to use with the navy.


The above closeout process will be a plus for the contract; it has steps that will be undertaken. These steps are necessary for ensuring accountability and transparency of the company and the contract. Finding the responsible contracting officer enhances a faster way to establishing the contract, promising security so as to rank it and classify it higher being a private company is essential and will rank the company higher. It is also considerable to use previous invoices and funding's to show how your company goes about while paying its client will give them more trust and confidence in the company. The whole mechanism for contract closeout will be a benefit for the final contract proposal, with all crucial aspects considered with each process and therefore give the contract great consideration by the company to contract with the navy.


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