Mr. New York City Business essay

Client Information:

Mr. New York City is the name of the client.

North Eastern United States, North America, Planet Earth

Client Information: Mr. NYC was born in 1524, and the customer was 493 years old at the time of this examination. He appears to be a well-groomed, muscular, fully developed man with a dashing appearance. He has an appealing, charismatic, amusing, and boastful demeanor. However, he was anxious and exhausted at the time of the consultation. The consumers had difficulty concentrating and shown symptoms of a mild loss of memory.

Presenting Problem:

Mr. NYC made his appointment a year after it was faced with a drought that pressurized and stressed him up. It caused him severe mental distress. The drought follows other natural disasters like hurricane, floods, and tornados that cause too much physical damage to him. The physical attacks opened an old wound when he has been severely damaged by an assault on September 11, 2001. All was well until the occurrence of this rude and unruly attacks, especially the September 11 assaults on the World Trade Center, which changed his life forever.


Mr. NYC registers a quiet, peaceful birth with a curvy and stressful life cycle. He comes from a family which values culture and tradition. Therefore as a means of survival, he has established himself as an influential man on many occasions so as to escape economic meltdowns in 1970. However, he has seen and experiences many religions, and as per now, he is confused in with which one to focus. All along he has suffered through depressing periods of hurricanes, droughts, sandstorms, terrorist attacks, economic meltdown, high rates of unemployment but he was strong and resilient enough to pull through. He had established himself as an influential businessman. However, he almost went bankrupt in 1970 and to save himself he rebranded as a cultural man. The stressful situations that he faced over the years have been detrimental to his health with the most recent one being the drought a year ago.

Personality Features:

Mr. NYC is a social, peaceful and cultural middle-aged man. He has trailed in the footsteps of his dad regarding rationality in thinking and rigidity of thoughts. He considers himself exceptional and far much better than his brethren although he offers a helping hand when they need help. However, like many other traumatized clients, his morality has been detrimental while he is hunched down and regressive. He always thinks of his benefit at the expense of others. Apart from the mental anguish, he experiences daily panic attacks since he was terrible assaulted on September 11, 2001.

Character Structure:

Before the assault on September 11, 2001, Mr. NYC was a nice friendly man. He provided refuge to those affected by the civil war as well as both the world wars. He was significant in boosting the economy of his homeland. He has been a role model regarding the development of culture and freedom. Many friends admire him and see him as a source of opportunities.


Multiple addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder

Personal Strength:

He is a handsome, talented, trendy and wealthy man. He is a mixture of many people around the world. Therefore, his family is reaching with traditions from all parts of the world. He is a sensible and loving man. All through his life, he has been a critical thinker as portrayed in his way of solving problems.

Treatment Plan:

Being a victim of Post-traumatic stress disorder must accept to go through all the stages of healing which are shock and denial, sorrow, anger, resolution, and progressing with hope. He must go through counseling sessions as well as stoicism and impulse control lessons. More so he needs to detoxify from too much television and social media. As part of his treatment, he needs to be encouraged and given hope that his actions matters and that he is not alone in this times of anguish.

Progress Milestone:

As the client improves he will be less obsessed with trend, drugs, shopping, and sex. As a result, the tension in his substantial parts will reduce and thus be calmer, honest and authentic. More so he will be focused on his cultural development.


In many occasions, Mr. NYC has been in a crisis he pulled through without help, but at the moment he is in a crisis and needs help especial from a good therapist who can help him develop and appreciate his talents. As of all other occasions that he has been a crisis if helped he has the chance to pull through and emerge as a changed man capable of growing in diverse ways.

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