Mission, Vision, and Framework of Baptist Health

Baptist Health

Baptist Health is committed to achieving great health outcomes and increasing people's entire well-being. The organization's mission is to promote and protect life in its different communities of operation (Baptist Health, 2017). The organization is established on a strong Judeo-Christian philosophy that leads its employees in providing services that are above reproach. Baptist Health bases its service delivery on a high level of integrity and morality, and it includes the delivery of cost-effective, compassionate, and high-quality services (Baptist Health, 2017). Furthermore, the group welcomes everyone, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. The fundamental vision of the organization is to provide preeminent healthcare in the communities of operations and provide a wide gamut of patient-centred and evidenced-based clinical services (Baptist Health, 2017). It also seeks to apply compassion to ensure patient safety and positive health outcomes. Baptist Health’s framework is community-based healthcare delivery which relies on technology. An analysis of the organization’s values vis-à-vis my nursing philosophy reveals some similarities. However, the analysis has not found any significant differences.

Nursing Philosophy

My nursing philosophy anchors on three cardinal elements which include dignity and respect, compassion, good relationship. Dignity and respect are paramount virtues that a nurse should exhibit in the nursing practice. In providing patient-based and family-based care, respect and dignity are imperative in determining the patient-nurse relationship (Hanna, 2010). Despite their conditions, I believe that patients should be accorded the necessary respect and support to enable them to cope with health problems. As an ICU nurse, I cannot gainsay the centrality of respect in achieving positive health outcomes. Good patient-nurse relationship helps in expediting the recovery process. Trust between the patient and the nurse facilitates disclosure. Consequently, patients can reveal to nurses how they feel and the difficulties they face in achieving good health (Hanna, 2010). I believe that compassion is an attribute that makes a successful nurse. It is the ability to help patients in coping with the disease throughout the period of sickness and even in death. While embracing dignity, respect, compassion, and building positive patient-nurse relationships, I also exhibit a high level of integrity and professionalism in my work.

Relationship and Similarities

A close examination of my personal philosophy in light of the mission, vision, and framework of Baptist Health reveals similarities. Baptist Health has one fundamental guiding principle which involves compassionate health services (Baptist Health, 2017). This principle echoes my philosophy of embracing compassion, patience, and understanding while providing healthcare services. I believe that every person, at their weakest point in life, deserves our care and audience. The ICU department is a perfect environment to demonstrate compassion to patients whose lives depend majorly on the care of a nurse. Throughout my life, I have known that without compassion, a patient may feel worthless and rejected by the society. The nursing fraternity should provide hope and revive the spirit of patients. In this regard, Baptist Health’s environment is compatible with the philosophy of compassion.

The mission of the organization underscores equal treatment of patients without taking cognizance of their racial and religious backgrounds and nationalities. Basically, Baptist Health is a place where everyone is accorded the same treatment. This doctrine mirrors my philosophy of respect and dignity. I believe that healthcare setting cannot be a place where services are provided on the basis of our demographic differences. According to Byrd and Clayton (2015), the healthcare system begins to collapse the moment it prejudices patients on religion, racial, gender, and ethnic differences. Again, the healthcare environment in Baptist Health positively relates to my philosophy.

The third point of convergence concerns the organization’s vision to create positive health outcomes in communities. Healthcare service delivery fails to qualify for its usefulness when it cannot be accessed. The concept of access, cost, and quality are of significance. To ensure access to communities, Baptist Health provides high-quality healthcare regardless of whether the patient would pay for the services (Baptist Health, 2017). I believe in maximizing my potential when dealing with patients without looking at the monetary reward associated with my work.


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