Media Advertisement Strategy

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Media Advertisiment Strategy
Die tough car batteries supply a long-term solution for auto batteries. The batteries are produced by the DieHard car brand. The brand has carried out a great legacy for a half-century as the most identified and number 1 rated battery in America. The battery sustains cars in any environment be it rain, snow, sleet heat. It is the fine choice for any automobile owner who needs to have a long lasting battery solution. DieHard is a premium brand that is marketed with the aid of Sears Holdings retailers. The brand is a special entity that was created by means of Sears Holdings known as KCD IP, LLC. The brand serves a securitization purpose for the owners. It produces high products that have been accepted by its wide range of customers.

Principle customers

Die hard car batteries have many clients. The batteries are of high quality and offer the best service to the customers hence a growing number of clients. DieHard car batteries have a broad range of users. Every vehicle requires a battery. Therefore, the customers of the brand include both personal and commercial vehicle owners. The brand aims to increase its client population and hence the formulation of a marketing strategy.

Goals and objectives

Every business aims to make a profit. The company can only achieve this goal if it puts in place the right policies and works hard (Singh, 2010). The DieHard brand seeks to maximize profits and become the most preferred car battery brand for a larger market. The marketing plan that will be utilized by the brand will aim to achieve the following objectives

To create awareness of the car batteries for potential customers who do not know the existence of the product. DieHard seeks to increase the market for the car batteries. Therefore, it should ensure that more people have knowledge of the existence of the product. People are likely to buy products that they have heard about before than those they have never heard any information about before.

To give information on aspects of the car batteries for its quality, durability, price, where to buy the product and the warranty that is offered. There are some potential clients who might have wished to buy DieHard car batteries but would like to get information about it first. Some people will be convinced by its quality, durability, and price when compared to other brands. Some customers could be willing to buy the batteries but do not know where to buy them. The marketing strategy will provide all the information that might have hindered potential clients from purchasing DieHard car batteries.

To create awareness of the factors that consumer should consider when buying car batteries. Some clients just buy any car batteries and regret later. The advertisements will provide information about qualities of a lasting car battery. Various companies produce car batteries of different conditions hence creating competition in the industry.


The Die Hard car batteries face competition from other car battery brand. The major competitors of Die Hard car batteries include AutoCraft, Bosch, Everstart, Duarlast, and Interstate. Auotcraft car batteries are available at most Advance Auto Parts stores across the country. Bosch car batteries are sold at Pep Boys, and Duralast is sold at AutoZone. EverStart batteries are available at Walmart stores while Interstate car batteries are available in most auto spare stores, online and at repair shops (Jefkins, 2016). Each brand provides car batteries of different qualities and puts effort to be the best in the industry. It is important for DieHard Company to conduct a market research to identify marketing strategies that will give it a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Segmentation and target marketing

The DieHard brand needs to divide the potential consumers of DieHard car batteries into sub-groups based on some characteristics. Segmentation is important so that various marketing strategies are applied to a particular group of potential customers who have shared characteristics (Williams, 2000). The brand should also identify its target market by establishing consumers who are likely to buy car batteries. The brand should then come up with marketing plans that will attract those who can but the car batteries. The marketing strategies that the company will design will be delivered to the various segments, depending on which media will create a significant impact on each segment. The marketing design must be unique and portray that DieHard car battery is of the best quality in the market.

Differentiation and positioning of DieHard car battery in the market

The company must use marketing strategies and techniques that will make DieHard car batteries stand out in the competitive market. DieHard car battery faces competition from other car battery brands. Therefore, it must be presented as the best option for those who want the best quality and long-lasting car batteries. The marketing design must include key aspects that make DieHard unique and the best choice by clearly stating its unique features and the benefits.

Chief features and advantages of DieHard car battery

Customers must be convinced that the product they are purchasing is of the best available quality and has more benefits than competing products (Williams, 2000). This section must be featured in the advertisements of DieHard car batteries. The features and benefits that distinguish DieHard car battery from other brands include; the batteries are efficient, they are of high quality, they have long durability and can sustain the vehicle in various environments. The price of the DieHard car battery is friendly and worth the quality it offers.


DieHard car batteries are cost effective. Medium car batteries have a price range of $100-$200 depending on size. This price is competitive when compared to other brands that sell the same size of car batteries with lower qualities at a higher price.


Sears is the primary distributor of DieHard car batteries. However, the batteries can also be found in online shops and other retail stores. The company should find out other areas that have high numbers of potential customers and open distribution stores.

Overview of the promotion mix

Advertising plays a significant impact in determining the sales of a product or service. Adverts create awareness of the existence of a product to those who have not heard any information about it. It explains the qualities, usability, advantages of using the good or service among other information (like price and where to buy the product) that is considered relevant for the consumer. Companies also advertise their products to inform the customers of any changes that have been made to improve the value of the product. The choice of advertising media determines the success of the goals of the process. When selecting a strategy to market a product or service, a company has to consider the target population and the goals (Jefkins, 2016). Integration of best-selected marketing strategies helps to achieve advertisement objectives.

Media strategy

DieHard batteries brand, just like other brands need to put in place strategies that will enable it to meet its goals. A media strategy is an action plan that assists companies to reach their target polulation and increase their conversion rate. DieHard should determine the exact demographic and what will capture their attention. When creating a media strategy, the company should consider the following key components

Identification of the target market

DieHard should research to find out their target audience. It should know the customers who are interested in car batteries. Knowledge of the target market will determine the choice of strategy and its effectiveness. First of all, DieHard should identify potential clients, where and how they spend their time and the most efficient way of reaching them.

Importance of measurable objectives

The overall marketing objectives and goals of the brand are significant at the time of selecting an advertising strategy. DieHard should come up with a plan that will measure correctly measure the set goals. In this case, the company aims to increase sales and have an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality of car batteries. And the overall purpose of making more profit will be achieved if the two objectives are met (Singh, 2010). DieHard has a responsibility of designing a way of measuring the success rate of its aims.

Determining market budget

The cost of advertisement is another factor that DieHard must consider. It should evaluate its budget to determine the best strategy that will best fit. A budget is also essential when measuring the outcome or profitability of the entire process.

Media strategy has three ‘W’ that DieHard brand will have to decide upon, regarding the marketing of DieHard car batteries.

Where to advertise- the brand has to decide on a place for delivering the adverts. It should identify the geographical area that will be visible to most potential customers. Examples of places to advertise include: TV, radio, blogs, road hoardings among many others

When to advertise- DieHard has to establish the best time to run its adverts. It should settle in a time that most potential customers are available to view the advertisement and a time when it will be relevant to the customers.

What media to use- DieHard has two primary media plans to select choose from; the media concentration plan and the media dispersion plan. The media focus method requires fewer categories of media. DieHard can decide to concentrate on only a few types of media platforms. The media distribution plan offers an option for the brand to use numerous media platforms in advertising the car batteries. This is the best choice for DieHard since it will be able to market the vehicle batteries in various types of media hence increasing the chances of reaching its target audience. After consideration of all the factors that relate to the selection of a marketing plan, DieHard car batteries will be marketed using the following media.

Television advertising

DieHard car batteries should be advertised on TV. The TV has a great demographic target. Different television stations have various programming option. The advert o DieHard car battery should be aired on the most popular television stations in America. The strategy targets a population of Americans who have cars. This implies an age population starting from 17 years and above. The DieHard car battery adverts should be made at a time when a significant population is speculated to be watching. The best time can be shortly before news since most adults like to watch the news and in between programs that are known to have high adult viewership.

The choice of TV advertising is based on the impact of TV. TV has a combination of visual and audio elements that create a strong impact on the viewers who would want to try the batteries for their cars. The visual aspect is very captivating, appealing and persuasive (Jefkins, 2016). A testimony of customers who have used the battery will encourage potential clients to try the brand. Currently, over 95% of households in America have access to a television. Therefore, this strategy provides a big audience for the DieHard brand. The cost of making a TV advert is relatively efficient, considering the target audience capacity. Lastly, television advertising is an effective strategy for marketing DieHard car batteries because it can be used to complement other elements of the brand’s mix.

Radio advertising

Most cars have inbuilt radio systems, and most users are always tuned to their best radio stations while driving. This factor makes radio advertising a helpful strategy for advertising DieHard car batteries. Marketing the product through the radio can be done during morning hours when people are going to work and in the evening when they are driving home. The brand should search and find out the radio stations that have a huge audience and programs that attract more listeners who are above 18 years of age. Radio adverts are simple, cost friendly and hit a huge target audience. It is the best strategy for potential customers who do not like print adverts.

Newspaper advertising

Working-class citizens are among the highest population that gets access to newspapers on a daily basis. The same population forms part of the target audience for DieHard car battery advertisements. DieHard will utilize this media together with other platforms to inform their customers and potential customers to provide information about the DieHard car batteries. The positioning of the advert in the newspaper will have an impact on the audience reach-out. Therefore, it is recommended that the advertisement be placed strategically at a section of the newspaper attracts the target audience. This option together with magazine ad caters for the customers who prefer print adverts.


DieHard should identify magazines that feature vehicle-related issues. This kind of advertisement compliments the magazine ads since it has a visual effect. Most newspapers do not have a provision of inclusion of visual prints of the product. Magazine adverts are more appealing and captivate the attention of the customers.

Out-of-home advertising

This strategy forms the best way of reaching the audience that is not accessible by TV, radio and even print media. It includes advertising on billboards that are placed in a strategic place where most potential customers pass (Young, 2016). DieHard car batteries can create big, attracting and captivating billboards and put them at strategic places like entry roads to the main cities, big restaurants and hotels and other social areas. This strategy is efficient and profitable effective. It also helps to reach a huge target audience who cannot avoid the billboard every time they pass through its location.

Internet advertising

The internet provides a huge audience for many companies and brands to advertise their goods and services. DieHard car batteries will be marketed on various web platforms like social media, blogs, mobile applications, Google click, mobile applications, email, podcasts, and viral videos among others. The marketing department should identify websites that have many visitors, famous bloggers and other ways of getting a huge target audience of internet users. The brand can run adverts of the DieHard car batteries on the pages in a way that will attract the internet users to desire to get more information about the car batteries. The brand should also come up with mobile applications that have information for the users. Internet advertising is beneficial as it has a big audience. Advancement in technology makes internet market an ideal strategy for most organizations because most people in America have access to the web.

Direct response advertising

This marketing strategy will enable DieHard to get immediate response and compel the audience to take a specified option. Direct response advertising is a good choice of media to be integrated with the other media to achieve the objectives of the plan. This technique can be tracked. When the audience responds, the company will know the media that was responsible for the response. This marketing media will allow the business to measure the success of the strategies deployed (Singh, 2010). Since the company can know the ads that received a response, it will be able to determine the sales resulting from each media hence measure the effectiveness of the various advertising media. Direct response advertising uses headlines that are compelling and a sales copy. It will send a strong message of interest to the target audience. It will use headlines that will capture the attention of potential buyers with a strong sales copy.


DieHard is the most trusted and most recognized car battery brand in America. However, the brand faces competition from other car battery producers in the country. This report analyzes a media marketing strategy that can be utilized to increase profits that are earned for DieHard car batteries, improve the customer range and maintain the excellent brand reputation. The DieHard brand has to put in place marketing strategies that will continue giving it a competitive advantage against other car battery dealers. The report reviews the major customers of the DieHard car batteries. It identifies the objectives that will enable the brand to achieve its goals. The goals of the company are set in a way that if met the brand will remain competitive in the industry. This report evaluates how DieHard brand can group its potential clients and use target marketing to distinguish DieHard car batteries from other car batteries. It also reviews key features and other benefits of the product including pricing and distribution that makes it the people’s choice of a car battery in America.

The DieHard brand has a smart marketing strategy that makes it outstanding in the industry. The brand should research and come up with a promotional mix that will ensure that information reaches all the targeted segments of customers. The brand should identify the targeted population and come up with advertising media promotions that will ensure that the goals of the strategy are met.


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