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The definition of “McDonaldization” suggests that fast-food restaurants have become indicative of contemporary paradigms (Benokraitis 111). That is, not only in U.S. culture, but also in the rest of the globe, the concepts introduced in the fast-food restaurant have been commonly used. Benokraitis says that the fast food chain’s values are “beginning to dominate” American culture (111).
Fast-food leaders embody the entire community. Benokraitis believes that “irrationality of rationality” suffers from MacDonalization of culture (111). MacDonalization, in other terms, results in contradictions and dehumanization in humanity that people encounter. Therefore, the society has been MacDonaldized.
MacDonaldization has both benefits and costs to the society. Some of the advatages the society derives from the system include predictability, efficiency, control, and predictability. The social system emphasizes on technological processes to replace human beings so as to achieve efficiency. On the other hand, the costs associated with the principle are “application of weak reward system,” alienation, automation of work, and rigid rules (Chapter 6). These costs affect the way people relate to the society since isolation leads to individualism. Such practices are common in fast-food restaurants.

From my experience, the effects of MacDonaldization is intense. For example, I was forced to perform a little skill and low paying jobs since technology handled major works in the organization. This made it hard for me to advance and recognize any opportunity in the company. The second example is when I attended one of the learning institutions and realized that they are offering fast-track modulized curricula to meet every person’s taste. Finally, I was forced to follow strict procedures and rules when I attended internship even when they were not appropriate. I found it difficult to challenge the supervisor. These situations reflect the rationality-irrationality element of MacDonalzization which involve denial of the basic human reason of people who work within.

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