Masters in Computer Science Admission Letter

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Of all the inventions produced by mankind since the eighteenth century, computers stand out as one that has changed so many lives and continues to drive societal growth. It’s much more rewarding to be able to command these magical machines to execute complex tasks. The ability to control operating programs and networks, as well as comprehend how these little computers manage to simplify and make more enjoyable too much work that burdened our forefathers, is a marvel. It gives one a sense of completion and actualization as an individual. Charles Babbage, the great physicist, invented the computer; perhaps he underestimated the effect it would have on the planet. Fortunately, the modern world bears beautiful testimony of how significant the innovation of this great computer scientist was. Banking, education, research, all through to the agricultural sector; evidence of the significance of computers and modern technology is bear for all to see. Computer and information technology professions hold enviable reputation in the community. They command respect from their ability to provide solutions to issues affecting the people in all sectors of the economy.

Over the years, no single university in Atlanta has propelled so many information technology professionals to greatness than Georgia Institute of Technology. The school provides a serene learning environment for computer and technology scholars with its well-equipped modern computer laboratories and a pool of expert tutors and lecturers. The administration recently restated their clear vision towards training top-notch technology graduates in the United States. The satisfaction that comes with discovering more about technology to make the world a better place coupled with the commitment of administration and teaching staff convinces me to seek admission for a Masters in Computer Science course at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Background and career objectives

Academic Qualities

I have always preferred laying my hands on the computer keyboard to execute and do more than just the basic computing of the day to day life. The high school experience gave me the basic knowledge of the how various computer applications work as well as a minimal understanding of the Information Technology world. I worked diligently and managed to attain grades that enabled me to study Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Osmania University in India; though still harbored a strong interest in computers.

More than ten years ago I joined the Osmania University as a young and exuberant person ready to bite the nail if that was what it was cost me to attain a my degree. The lecturers saw a committed and determined student who had chosen to embrace the requirements of the course and ready to endure every difficulty to learn. My lecturers soon began to appreciate my efforts in early years as a junior student. I got the opportunity to engage more with my instructors and developed worked closely with expert tutors. The desire to generate solutions coupled the difficulties we had studying metals pushed me to develop my first computer application database. The database enabled users to determine metal properties and composition with more accuracy, a very welcome development during the time.

My time as an undergraduate student taught to appreciate the say that, “nothing comes on a silver platter,” a lot more. Most of the outstanding things I achieved in college such as being named the best student my class at the end of the second academic year came from the massive efforts and sacrifices that I had to put in to complement the work of my lecturers. I was also blessed to share the same class several academic minds that were also so cooperative.

My peers made me understand that in research and education, it is vital that one maintains a contingent of friends who can help you progress and help raise standards. We spent more time conducting peer reviews and class discussions forming very close friendships with other class members. Apart from the engineering bit, I also learnt some business courses to enable me to incorporate entrepreneurship into my endeavors and spot profitable opportunities whenever they arise. The school was very reliable in preparing me for the professional and business word by training me on significant areas such as communication and general life skills.

Professional History

I have served as an IT professional for over fifteen years now. Since joining the industry, I have been employed as Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer and later rose to the position of a Lead Tech. Some of the tasks I undertook including transforming UI interface from XSLT to web forms and, custom error handling. Also, spearheading the implementation of Ajax using Microsoft to make it more user friendly. These positions have been essential in equipping me the vital experience whose value remains immeasurable in monetary terms. From how to handle various issues relating to workplaces down to planning and time management, the adventure continued invaluably. I had the opportunity to work with different types of organizations including start-ups and multinationals and different sectors in the economy which include health, banking and communication industries.

As a beginner I have worked with two managers of different genders on separate occasions and learned to be tolerant, honest, and submissive; but remain truthful and uphold personal and professional values. I am accustomed to taking orders as well as assigning junior employees to tasks. I am happy producing quality work under minimal supervision and as part of a team. Presently, I am a lead Tech at Thomson Reuters who is tasked with developing financial portfolio management software called Thomson One Brokerage Application. Most recently, I assisted one of my colleagues to take machine learning course and implement a module in AI. I was so elated with the way we can change things or implement AI that to be utilized in making a number of tasks simpler. The current roles mean that I make human resource and performance-based decisions about staff on a regular basis to achieve the set goals and complete require tasks efficiently.

Some of the functions that I have undertaken during my time in formal employment include protecting people and institutions. As an IT professional, I work each day tirelessly to safeguard data relating to employees, senior managers, and customers. Part of this data is sensitive enough to bring down a genuinely solvent company to its knees. I try to learn new concepts by conducting ethical hacking to find if any loopholes exist and thus correct the system while staying ahead of any new techniques cybercriminals may use.

Each time I work to generate and improve solutions to various technical issues affecting the society linked to my area of expertise. I aim to make processes more efficient in the company that employ’s me and stay ahead of the competitors regarding reaping the benefits associated with current and emerging technologies. The Information technology systems are so diverse and dynamic, every year new trends emerge, and one must keep pace with these developments or be rendered obsolete.

For more than fifteen years in the IT industry, I used my software engineering and web development knowledge to improve usability, accessibility and performance of various web applications. The pride of a software engineer is to see people store and access without much fuss. Also, most companies have laid down procedures to ensure the transition of knowledge and improve the quality of education in their areas of operation. I have participated in several programs that are meant to incorporate the knowledge of software engineering and web development in improving the quality of education for our generations.

Lastly, my work revolves around obtaining solutions that are cost-effective and most reliant. Balancing between costs and efficient technological systems is a very delicate process. As a professional, I have learned that it is crucial to obtain several ways of doing the same thing more reliably than it is currently conducted. What makes this work confusing is that in most instances, the devices needed to guarantee high performances are expensive. Over the years I have learned to emphasize patient but timely in my approaches towards generating cost-cutting solutions.

Career Objectives

There are specific objectives that I want to try and achieve in my career. I pursue my carrier in Artificial intelligence. To improve my skills in software and web development as well as provide the best system solutions architecture. I am committed to pushing forward the universal agenda of having organizations that observe and implement international best practices on Information Technology. Ultimately, I would like to serve in the highest position of large multinational to aid in nurturing young talents in the field of software engineering and web practices.

Statement of Purpose

I have an aim to be instrumental in the field of computer science and IT. My innate desire and commitment to make a significant contribution to the profession pushed me to acquire several certifications which include Sun Certified Programmer, Microsoft Certified Product Specialist (MCPS) and, Sun Certified Web Component Developer. The companies have worked in over the fifteen years were so beneficial due to their commitment to nature and developed youthful mindsets by transforming their dreams into reality. I have developed into a willing and explorative learner with the urge to improve and expand personal and communal capabilities that can guarantee sufficiency and efficiency of computer and IT systems.

During my time in the industry serving under various capacities in varied sectors of the economy each with different requirements and expectation of what more computer technology should be able to provide. The various difficulties I underwent during my service, which are yet to be solved led me to develop an interest in unmasking the nuances of the industry of computing. I aim to use my capabilities and expand my knowledge and training if that is what it takes to assist my generation.

The specific areas that have caught my attention and upon which I would like to conduct research and learn more about include; Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems, .NET framework, C# programming, and Web Technologies. I want to develop my expertise in programming languages for various operating systems. I am interested in researching and improving on the security concerns of computing. The security issues include testbeds, malware detection, prevention and detection of system intrusion; how to improve on authentication, and understanding worms and botnets. Most importantly, I aim to gain further insights on the various capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and how it can be put into more use.

In a nutshell, I am a versatile IT professional with hands-on and diversified experience in IT management, including .NET software, websites, and web applications. I possess comprehensive background in producing responsive websites with both server- and client-side strategies. Part of my course ushered me to mathematical techniques such as calculus, differential equations, vector algebra, and introductory probability and statistics. During my final year in the university, supported by a classmate, I developed a system for tracking school buses and staff vehicles. We incorporated knowledge of Geospatial Information Sensing on and Android device together with the already available Google maps to complete the procedure. My work as software developer also means that I am tasked with developing and improving communication software on a more regular basis for the company. In our team in the IT department, we’ve established many apps to promote the livelihoods of the people. The apps aid people on a daily basis to do their shopping conveniently and monitor property to ensure security.

Georgia Institute of Technology is a renowned institution with an excellent reputation for producing capable IT and Computer Science graduates. The school which began in the year 1885 has developed drastically over the period to take is position at the very helm of America’s education as a center of excellence. Last year alone, the institute admitted 15489 students for its undergraduate courses. The graduate school on the hand boasts of students from all races and walks of life. The administration has invested massively in establishing learning and research facilities. The university is one of the best academic institutions on the planet at position 34th according to the year 2018 ranking. It is my dream to sharpen my skills at such a prestigious establishment of higher learning with the most conducive atmosphere for learners. I have the desire to be the best in my field hence the urge to converge with great minds at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Company letterhead

Reference Number,


Address (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recommendation for further studies

It is with great pleasure that I write to you about the application of Mr. Zareena to study an online Masters in Computer Science degree from your prestigious institution. Working as the Head of IT department at Thomson Reuters Financials, I have had first-hand experience working and relating with Mr. Zareena who currently works for our company as a Software Developer. He is in charge of security systems within our organization and incorporation of new technologies into our operations.

He is a good team player who relates well to his colleagues at work and always serves to develop those around him. Currently, he is the Lead Technologist in charge of the Software development and integration staff. He is an excellent communicator, diligent and honest individual who leaves nothing to chance in working towards success.

From the time he joined the company in 2005, he has been of great importance to our team in driving the mission and vision of Thomson Reuters. The successes have been partly due to his academic prowess and love for research and; to some extent due to his determination and hard work which remains incomparable. He has overseen notable projects during his time with the firm. The company trusted him with the development and implementation of the Thomson One Brokerage Application for financial management; Time to time identification of potential security breaches and improvement of our security system; as well as, improvement the efficiency of applications by JavaScript caching. It is worth mentioning that all of these projects are the backbone of our company’s recent success story.

His zeal for research and enthusiasm for consistent improvement in the technological capacity of the organization makes him a good candidate for your college. I, therefore, would not hesitate to recommend him for further studies in your school. I would be available to provide any relevant information that might be of help in making his study mission a success.

Yours faithfully,


Head of IT Department

Thomson Reuters.


Address (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recommendation for Admission

I am writing to you concerning one of my best colleagues in Mr. Zareena. I have worked together with him for three years now in the IT department where I serve as the lead network administrator while he leads the software development team. Our correlated roles in the company mean that I have had the chance to work with him possible more intimately than anyone else in the firm.

He is a very sociable friend whose vast understanding of software engineering and web development has been so beneficial to us. Many are the times when I request him to bail me out or just give his opinion on various issues in my department. Indeed, he is a very supportive friend. He is also remarkably wise and measured in his contributions when we have meetings in the company.

I trust his abilities and conviction always to seek improvement confidently recommend him for consideration for your program.

Yours faithfully,


Network Administrator

Thomson Reuters


To whom it may concern,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recommendation Letter

I write to confirm that I have known Mr. Zareena for many years, both as a classmate and a colleague. I met him many years ago while taking an undergraduate degree course in Mechanical Engineering at Osmania University. Since then I went on to work with him at where we both served as software engineers.

In class, he was an academic mind to reckon with, a top student who never got satisfied with success. His zeal for research drove him a database for identifying metal properties. He has undertaken several projects in corporate site development, product development and graphical analysis.

I know him as a reliable person who can be entrusted with responsibilities to deliver success and as a professional with a zeal for research and learning. I wish him all the best of luck in his career and recommend him wholeheartedly for employment and study opportunities.

Yours faithfully,



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