Managing and evaluating healthcare intervention programs

Healthcare Technology and Community Health

Health is an important term for the community's well-being. The scarcity of healthcare supplies will result in a rise in societal mortality. In other cases, the public will be forced to spend more money on healthcare than on focusing on developmental difficulties. This paper will address the application of healthcare technology to the enhancement of community health.

Utilizing Records from Public Hospitals

The usage of records from public hospitals is critical in the program's implementation, according to the program's timeline. This information can be used to identify which sectors demand more attention. Additionally, the public hospitals help determine the type of health problems that are affecting the middle and low income earners of the population (Weissman & Rosenburg, 2012). A focus on the new epidemics that are affecting people in the community will also have a direct impact on the program. The program can then be adjusted to reduce the current epidemics in the society.

Accessing Public Health Data

Public health data can be located on the website of the Department of Health and Human Services and some of the research institutions in the country. The researcher can also be considered as an ideal source of information that can be used when implementing the program. These locations will offer a directive on the type of data that will first be utilized in the program. Data from these sources is considered accurate and will hardly lead to the attainment of wrong conclusions from the program. Additionally, this information can also be edited as attained from the source.

Building on Previous Research Programs

Previously concluded research programs will help in achieving success of the program. They will act as references to the program that is to be implemented (Fasano, 2013). This kind of data will provide a direction for the procedure that should be used when designing the program. Nevertheless, this allows finding and avoiding the failures that were earlier met by the previous researchers. Also, the future projections for the health sector can be collected and linked to the program to determine the span of the program after initiation. It will then offer a guideline on the budget that will be set to help achieve success.

Communication and Public Participation

Communication of this idea can be done through social media platforms, brochures, and meetings. Tertiary institutions are also considered a significant platform that will share this information to a wider population. In addition, educators and researchers will be given priority to interpret and analyze the program, therefore, presenting a directive to the public about its importance (Perrin, 2014). Similarly, public participation will also be included to offer a chance for the population to react. These replies will then act as a chain of communication with various people when seeking for means of adjustments to the program (Daim, Behkami, Basoglu, Kok, & Hogaboam, 2016). It will play a significant part in sensitizing the public about the program.


Healthcare programs provide awareness to the public on the best ways that people can improve their wellbeing. Aspects of healthcare technology with reference to the improvement of communal health status were discussed in this paper. By implementing the program discussed, the nation will also have reduced expenses in the provision of medical care to the public (Duncan, 2014). A health care program will help detect the epidemics that are affecting the population, therefore, devising measures that will help improve their welfare. In case of failure, researcher can use previous programs to initiate adjustments to the current program.


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