main feature of an atrial fibrillation rhythm

The absence of discernible p-waves

The absence of discernible p-waves is the most distinguishing feature of an atrial fibrillation rhythm strip. Flat waves are caused by chaotic rhythms, where speed has a deleterious impact on sinoatrial node-induced depolarization and repolarization.

It is misleading to say that the 74-year-old male's Atrial fibrillation is under control

It is misleading to say that the 74-year-old male's Atrial fibrillation is under control, given that his heart rate is well beyond the normal range of 60-100 beats per minute. While the blood pressure of 133/88 is within the normal range of 120/80-140/90, the speed of the pulse indicates a disturbance in the electric activity of the heart, which is the hallmark of an arrhythmia diagnosis (Gulanick & Myers, 2013). The primary goal of treating atrial fibrillation is restoring normal heart rhythm and heart rate, as well as preventing secondary outcomes such as blood pooling and clotting. Achieving the general objective is critical in offsetting risks associated with abnormal heart rhythm such as the deterioration of left ventricular functions, thromboembolic complications, increase of atrial sizes, as well as death (Kingma, van Hemel, & Lie, 2012).

Question 4

Stroke is the most common cause of premature deaths in atrial fibrillation. The malfunctioning, as well as the irregularity associated with arrhythmia, causes sudden cardiac arrest, a condition that results in quivering of the ventricles as well as disrupting the blood supply to vital organs. Interrupting the conveyance of oxygen and nutrients can cause loss of consciousness, which can culminate in death in the event no emergency treatment is initiated.

Question 5

Cardioversion is the electrophysiological method of choice in restoring normal heart rhythm. The medical procedure can be achieved through direct current electrical cardioversion as well as chemical cardioversion (Kingma et al., 2012). The latter is preferred in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, where class III (Potassium channel blockers such as Ibutilide) and IC antiarrhythmic drugs such as propafenone are used. However, electrical cardioversion is the most preferred treatment approach because of cost-consciousness, patient safety, and can be performed in outpatient clinical environments.


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