Lulu’s Fairy Tale

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Lulu was a peasant girl who lived in a small town once upon a time. Lulu was different from the other children. She’d miss baley classes only to go for a stroll through the woods. She liked sailing and promised her mother that one day she would sail to the big city where all her dreams would come true. Lulu only had one friend who believed in the influence of science: her cousin Kaya. Kaya’s adventure artifacts and toys were always tested by the two, which often ended in disaster. They had never been fined for destroying their neighbor’s wheat field. As she grew older, Lulu’s desire to see the big city grew as well while Kaya kept on building great things like the “kayakin” an advanced oar that was strong. The two shared their dreams and made plans of how they would one day escape from their “village” and go to the big city. However, their parents never agreed and by the time Lulu was 16, she had already been introduced to her supposed husband while Kaya had taken over his late father’s businesses.

One night, when everything was calm in the town, Kaya tiptoed to Lulu’s room and silently woke her up. He whispered to her that he had something to show her, and the two left the house. Confused and disturbed, Lulu asked endless questions of where they were going. And there it was, a big boat with its captain waiting for them. Then Kaya looked at his confused cousin and said, “We all have dreams, but only a few have to leave and live it. There’s your dream, run like the wind and never look back!” Before she could even speak he said, “It will only take two market days to recover the money. Besides, am the CEO now, just make sure you write when you arrive”? They laughed, hugged and off she left, to meet her dreams.


The fairytale above, is about a young girl from a small town who always dreams of seeing the big city where all dreams come true. She portrays a unique character that makes her weird and unusual and has only one best friend, her cousin. All her life, Lulu just thought of her dream, nothing else mattered to her. Her parents new to it and they highly disregarded it. Her cousin too was aware, and he believed in it. Then one night, she wakes up to see her dreams coming true, and right before her eyes were her “fairy godmother” ready to see her off the journey. The “fairy godmother” in her case was her cousin Kaya, he wasn’t from the magic land but what he gave her was more than magical, it was a dream come true. The meaning behind this story is a demonstration of the power of believing in dreams. It also tries to show that “fairy godmothers” are not necessarily from the unknown magical world but can be people or things around us.

What makes the story a fairytale merely is how it begins, “once upon a time.” Also how the character Lulu magically achieves her dreams. She did believe that she would one day get to the big city, but she never thought that all it took is to “dream and wake up to it.” Further, the story brings in the element of a magical being that helps the character achieve her desires. The magic being is her cousin who out of the blues gives her a head start. All she has to do is board the ship, and it would take her to the dream city. Finally, the story has a happy ending where both characters are delighted that at least one of them achieves their shared dream.

The story above resembles several fairytale stories told in the past. For instance, the Cinderella story tells of a fairy godmother who appears to her and gives her the life she always desired to have. She meets her prince charming, and they live happily ever after (Grimm). Also the Rapunzel fairy tale, a story of a beautiful lady who frees herself from imprisonment in the tower and ends up with her lover (Grimm). However, unlike the many fairy tales, the story brings out the magical element more differently and realistically. It does support the fact that dreams do come true and that magical things can happen to someone but there’s nothing like magical fairy godmothers or magical pixie dust as illustrated in other stories.

Hence, the story does challenge “Grimms Fairy Tales” that build untrue imaginations in children’s minds that give them false hopes and desires. However, it doesn’t mean that it kills all the magical element that is expected in fairy tales. The story does give the readers the feeling of wishing that they get this one friend or relatives who out of nowhere surprise them with a gift or makes their dreams come true.

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