Love in hard times

It takes time for love, true love. The economic situation is getting worse by the day in our country. The downturn in the economy from politics to global economic forces is to blame for several problems. One thing that is assured is that the consequences of economic recession are by no means welcoming. It has caused many individuals to lose their employment or some other means of income and finally lose their homes. The people we used to call our neighbors friends and whom we have now shown love are our greatest threat. I have not only invested in this society personally; I love every house, every home, every company and every hard-working member of this great community. Immigration (the core base for the US population), racism, different ethnic and cultural diversity has on several occasions proven to be a challenge in the Society of United States. Time and again, the racism acts and social conditions have posed threats to the so-called diverse culture, therefore making the processes of assimilating the immigrants very unfruitful (Harry P. Pachon, 200).

The growing population of the Mexicans and Central Americans saw them spread throughout the country, hence joining with several Latino groups like the Cubans, Salvadorans, and the Colombians. This led to the formation of several national organizations to accommodate them all. These organizations included: the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund with the aim of promoting and protecting civil rights, The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce which was to address the issue of businesses owned by its citizens, The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute which was to ensure sound policies and programs, The National Institute for Latino Policy which was mandated to govern the research sector and the National Hispanic Medical Association which targeted to improve the health care of the citizens among many other organizations.

The groups differed greatly in their interests. For instance, the Central Americans believed that no one could control their destiny. They ruled out the fact that success majors on the outward forces. Some of the groups prioritized the roles of the state to govern the citizens, unlike the Mexicans and Americans whose priorities lied on individual liberty. Religion, the core pillar in most societies, was less significant among many of the Latino groups. This differed with the interests of the Americans who had strong faith in religion. As such, the clash was resulted by the different interests of the groups.

Work cited

De, la G. R. O, and Harry P. Pachon. Latinos and Us Foreign Policy: Representing the "homeland"?Lanham [u.a.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2000. Print.

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