Language, thought, and symbols

The Three Major Themes of Mead's Writing

The three major themes of Mead's writing—mind, symbols, and language—are discussed in the following essay, which also outlines the social significance of each theme for a person.

The Significance of Gestures in Language Development

The greatest approach to comprehend gestures is through the responses that animals make to particular stimuli from other species since language development is strongly linked to the development of the individual (Ritzer & Stepnisky, 2013).Fundamentally, for a gesture to be acknowledged and understood, a second body must respond in a way that indicates that the created gesture was understood. Therefore, the communicated gesture must have the same meaning to both organisms, and the only way the capacity is developed is through vocal gestures, which are usually revealed through phrases or words. When vocal gestures are used, the person making them expects the same response from the individual hearing the phrase.

The Importance of Language in the Development of Human Experience

Language in the development of human experience is critical in the sense that, when a person speaks, it is the stimulus that can react to the person speaking as it relies upon the other. The mind is usually developed through the undertaking of roles and also through the use of spoken gesticulations. Notably, people often use their capacity for reflexivity to involve in contemplation and their experiences, deliberations, and habits are the major components of the way people engage in the world (Appelrouth & Edles, 2008).

The Role of Symbols in Social Interaction

Symbols are part of the interactionism which is developed from the practical considerations, and they allude to the way people use their dialect to make logical implications and images for the purpose of deductions and correspondence with others. In ordinary situations, people tend to act towards certain things based on the meaning those things have on them. Remarkably, the meanings are got from the social interactions and are usually modified through interpretation.


In conclusion, the mind, the symbol, and the language are all centered towards the purpose of the social processes, human experiences, and understanding of communication as an essential tool to maintain the social order.


Appelrouth, S., & Edles, L. D. (2008). Classical and contemporary sociological theory: Text and readings. Pine Forge Press.

Ritzer, G., & Stepnisky, J. (2013). Contemporary sociological theory and its classical roots. New York, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill.

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