Kim Jon-Un Leadership

As from title, the movie presents accounts into Kim Jon-Un leadership and how he is main his country and how he executed his own brother. The two narratives are introduced to light by a collective of journalists and personalities who present arguments, pieces of evidence, and explanations into some actions of Kim Jong-Un. The first half of the documentary creates a focus into the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam that took place on February 13, 2017. It presents accounts into what occurred all through the assignation in Kuala Lumpur. The second half of the film goes on to creates an perception into the development and test of the nuclear weapons in North Korean. The personalities and journalists try to narrate and explain the possible reasons behind Kim Jon-Un's determination to build advanced weaponry. This paper seeks to analyze how the producers utilize the rhetorical strategy to build and establish the presentation. EthosThis refers to ethical appeal from a producer as means of inspiring credibility or character. In this case, the producer used ethos to prove to the audience that the production is a credible source of information. The film is produced and broadcasted by a public affairs television program named Frontline. The program is produced at WBGBH which is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It has received numerous acclaims and several awards in the United States. The reason for this success is that the program allows independent producers, filmmakers, and broadcasts to work under it. This particular documentary was produced by Jane Mcmullen and Dan Edge who are renowned producers. The material was then distributed by the Public Broadcasting Service where it has since gone viral. They feature reputable journalists such as Keith Kam, Farrah Naz Karim, and Evan Osnos and other relatable people including government officials, reporters, and Kim Jong-Nam's childhood friends. All the personalities in the film provide surplus content and add relevance to the investigation into Kim Jon-Un and his strive to make North Korea a superpower. With this, the production inspires significant confidence and credibility to the audience.PathosPathos is a Greek word that means both ‘experience' and ‘suffering.' First, pathos can be used to create an emotional appeal which aims at persuading an audience's emotions. In this presentation, the producers use pathos to derive sympathy from the audience and to pull them into the feel of the story. Secondly, pathos can also be used to draw anger from an audience and perhaps inspire them to carry out particular actions or to make a certain decision. Pathos can be seen to have been utilized all through the film for both of its uses. In the first half of the story, the producers use pathos to appeal to the sympathy of the audience. This is seen through the accounts that lead to the death of Kim Jong-Nam. The narrator creates a depiction of an innocent man who is in his normal whereabouts unaware of what was about to befall him. The images of Kim Jon-Nam panicking and dying are clearly distressful and given that previous depiction of an innocent man, the audience cannot help but feel pity. Furthermore, the fate that befalls the women who were linked to the death seems to also elicit some sympathy. As mentioned above, the second half of the film shifts focus to Kim Jon-Un’s power strives. In this part, the directors and producers portray how he has caused a rampage after taking on the mantle of power from his father Kim Jong-Il. From the presentations of the analysts and officials, the producers of the film describe the killings and the eventual nuclear development and exercises. The film depicts how Kim Jong-Un is rogue and determined to ensure that he is able to pose a significant threat to the United States. These descriptions contribute to the pathos' aspect of drawing anger and calling for action. All the analysts agree that King Jon-Un is unstable and presents a serious concern. LogosThis refers to the appeal to logic and is used to convince audiences to reason. Logos can be established through the use of statistics, facts, citing authorities, and citing historical and literal analogies. In Latin, the word refers to an action that can be used to express an inward meaning or thought. As mentioned above, the film incorporates views from analysts, authorities, and friends of the subjects. It makes a great reference to the history of North Korea since its early years of King Jon-Il. The producers of the film had relevant and credible people to make important contributions to the content. People such as Mischa Aznavour provide insight into the character of Kim Jon-Un who is a major subject of the story. Officials such as Ra Jong-Yil and The Yong-Ho provide important details into the state of affairs in North Korea. The rest of the analysts and reporters such as Evan Osnos break down the facts and make the audiences understand what is going on. The accounts presented by the personalities offer enough information to the audience and hence provides for the Logos. Neither the narrator nor the correspondents in the documentary make declarations or stands. They only address facts and leave the audience to establish their own views. Their appeal to logic could be said to have been met given the abundance of facts and references.Conclusion From the beginning of the story, the producers and directors of the film made an effort to present a story as clear as possible. As the film progresses, the story develops and unveils to depict the title of a ‘North Korea's Deadly Dictator.' Clearly, Kim Jong-Un is the villain and protagonist in the film. Through the rhetorical strategy, the directors are able to appeal to the emotion and logic of the audience through fostering their credibility. The film succeeds in informing the audience about the true nature of the North Korean leader and how his actions could be setting a stage for issues. The presentation meets the expectations of media content as it provides significant insight into what many people were not aware of. Through the rhetoric strategy, the directors are able to produce an unbiased documentary. This is because it depicts the actual situations in both in Pyongyang and in the United States in regards to the escalating tensions.

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