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John Lennon, widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century, was instrumental in changing the way people, especially the media, viewed music. He was the founder of the Beatles, the greatest band that has ever existed in the world, and after leaving the group, he went on to perform record-breaking songs with his partner. Born and raised in England, Lennon developed a strong interest in music and the arts at a young age, when he enrolled in kindergarten. Growing up, some of his role models included Elvis Presley, a great rock star, and Paul McCartney. John Lennon, together with the Beatles, produced some of the best songs in the 1070s and they are still played today worldwide. After breaking up with the band in 1980 following the death of Epstein as a result of drug overdose, John started doing solo music events and later teamed up with his wife. One of his most controversial songs, imagine, was produced in 1981 and went on to be ranked as number 3 in the “All-time best songs” list. The song has been used by both public institutions and individuals because of the message it proclaims.

The song has been in the headlines in the last three decades with many individuals criticizing it as a crap song. The song is considered overly-sentimental by patronizing a negative message to the listeners. The message from the lyrics of the song, if directly translated, give a different meaning from the actual message being conveyed. In the first stanza, as an example, John asks the listeners to imagine there was no heaven in the sky and no hell below them which is the opposite of what a majority believe in. The message here tends to manipulate people and lead them into a state of mental slavery. They are asked to kill off the idea of God who is the one dictating the nature of the universe and giving them a day to day living. The song continues to ask people to imagine that all people are living for today without any emphasis on tomorrow or the day after. Leaders of different churches claim the song proclaims a message of materialism which is the opposite of what the Bible is teaching. They believe the song is meant to make people love material possessions and they will form a day to day aching for the desires which the world provides.

The second stanza of the song continues to give the same message that John was offering in the first verse. Here he asks the listeners to imagine there is no country and no religion in all the corners of the world. The listener should try to think of peace everywhere, and there was nothing to kill or die for. This stanza gives the message of destroying all the countries and doing away with the world super-powers like Europe and the United States. The national identity of people will be destroyed and erased to create this kind of society which will be mentally controlled by no-one and authority will cede to exist. However, those in power, world leaders, will feel threated by the peace that will preside. This song provides a hippie focus on the political possessions of the world, and perhaps the only place such thoughts can exist is in the minds of a few individuals who will sing along to the music of Lennon.

Another stanza asks the listeners to imagine they had no possessions and no need to have greed or hunger about what others possess. Imagine that all people lived in a world of sharing like brothers and sisters. The listeners should try to imagine a world without the desire of possessions such as fancy cars or houses. John when producing this song was in a seventy-two-acre property in one of the prestigious neighborhoods of London. It was also released during one of the hardest time in history when people were not free to help one another. Therefore the message of the song quickly dissolves into thin air when all these factors are linked up. One cannot claim to be spreading a word about peace and brotherhood in the world while he lives in a private property and does not have an idea about the challenges other ‘normal people’ are going through on a day to day basis.

In conclusion, the song is propaganda to spread the message of peace and love to listeners who do not have an idea of life outside the daily struggles they endure. It can only be used by a few individuals who believe the world is such a small place and people have the same thoughts about prosperity. Nations compete against each other and try to stay ahead so they can appear more accomplished than other countries. The song offers a right message, but it cannot be applicable in the present world.

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