Jean Carter Foundational Scholarship

The ability to express unique qualities in a scholarship application

The ability to compose and express unusual qualities of a scholarship application is one of the primary determinants for acceptance. (Thompson 1) In most cases, our convincing essays are the primary determinant of whether or not we are given the chance to earn a scholarship.

Why should I be chosen to earn a Jean Carter Foundation Scholarship?

Since my high school and despite my past successes, I strongly believe that I would do more if I have a chance to be part of the Jean Cater Foundation. I've served as a squad leader for my entire life in high school as a peer therapy chair. Being the chairperson peer counselling, I was awarded certificate of recognition as the most influential and the best leader in educating the youths about the challenges of they experience in life especially HIV/AIDS, drug and substance abuse, and relationship. I believe if granted the scholarship I will translate the same to Jean Carter Foundation. In addition to that, I have always maintained good performance in social sciences, public speaking, and leadership skills on moral and society development. In this regard, if given chance I will ensure I create tutorial organizations geared towards enhancing positive moral development among students in Jean Carter Foundational Scholarship. My main target is to study nursing and community health development program, this will ensure that I unravel vast stores of potentialities beneath me to the society and the general public. Through the scholarship, my dreams will be realized.

Personal Circumstances

Am student from a poor background, living in abject poverty. Therefore, raising money to cater for my fees is something hard. Since my high school, I have always relied on well-wishers to raise my fees and any other demand that arose in my studies. Time has come that am requesting you give me chance to rise above the financial limitations to achieving my dreams. In addition to that, am an orphan and life has not been easy especially staying with people who have never been closer to me in life. However, am trying to cope up with this type of challenge by keeping a positive mind and focusing on my goals.

Community Service Hours

Having worked as a peer counsellor whose motto is, Service to Humanity, am well acquainted with skills to help the society. I have a number of mechanisms in which I will ensure that service is provided to the community. For instance, I will ensure I mobilize my colleagues and visit the community through cleaning services. This is done by ensuring nearby streets, markets, and villages are cleaned thoroughly so that it’s free of garbage and any litter. Also, we have the most challenged people in the community, the sick, poor, street children, and orphans. I will ensure twice a month days are specified in consultation with the university administration so they are visited and helped. For the sick and those who do not have cloths and food, I will ensure through mobilizing my friends, they have the desire of their hearts. The sick can be visited in the hospitals to ensure they have company and any other help they may need while in the hospital. In addition to that, I will ensure public sensitization programs on health and education aspects are brought closer to the surrounding community. This can be through educating the masses on the leadership, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, and social life.

Service to the community is key in the development of the individuals and bringing positive change in the community. When one pays back to the community, they create confidence and trust to the community that brought them up (Thompson 1). Therefore, the picture created in the minds of the community members about the students is positive and this helps to ensure the name of Jean Carter Foundational lives long in the hearts of the community members.

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