IQ Doctor visit by Anne

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A very special pupil, Anne, six years old. She always liked to do mathematics unlike other girls of her class who chose languages rather than science. In most of her mathematics tests she will score 100%.
However, she usually sleeps or read other topics during the English course. The professor always asked her to stand up and show some interest when she is teaching.
At home, Ann liked her dad so much that they spent every opportunity together. She helped her father repair electronics in their home garage, curiously. One day the English teacher notified the parents and the other teachers of how poor their daughter was in language classes. She rarely concentrated and scored the lowest. Conversely, the Mathematics teacher felt that she was the most brilliant student in school. The teachers, therefore, advised the parents to take her for IQ testing.

The following week, Anne’s parents informed her that they were going to see a doctor. Since she was hesitant due to fear of being injected or given drugs, they convinced her that they were just going to tell stories and play with the doctor.

Doctor Franklin read a short story to Anne. At this point, the parents noticed she was bored and was feeling sleepy while the doctor read. She was asked what she wanted to do and she suggested she needed something more interesting and challenging like making a compute or solving a complex program.

Doing poor on the English test made the doctor recommend more attention on the subject at school. He told the parents to look for a special tutor who would make the English lessons more interesting for Anne.

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