Integrity essay

While it is not required, it is always polite to notify corporate and individual authors of your intention to use their materials. The observation stems from the rule of honesty and integrity in academic and research work, which requires that original authors be credited at all times (Kelley, 2003). The code of conduct is enshrined in a 1999 agreement adopted by the International Centre for Academic Integrity, which states that the academic community should always demonstrate principles such as trust, respect, honesty, fairness, and responsibility. The code indicates that individuals intending to adopt instruments used by other persons must place requests from the authors, with the primary goal of the behavioral aspect being to allow researchers know how their tools will be utilized. While writers rarely turn down requests, informing them allows the researchers to experience growth at both individual and community-level.

Despite the longstanding tradition of sharing materials among scientists, the recognition of study instruments as part of intellectual property have also pioneered new developments, which every researcher should be conversant with. The advancement of technology has resulted in digitalization and commercialization of designs and ideas, internet-preneurs have established business dealing with the transfer of knowledge, discovery, and innovation (Yu, 2007, p.39). If individuals plan to adopt or adapt a data collection device from such organizations, they are supported to purchase the tool. Besides using, the usability is also guided by policies that prevent persons from distributing the products, and violating the guideline can result in huge financial implications. Similarly, some internet-preneurs have partnered with public research organizations to allow students use their resources as well as promote ethical approaches in scientific inquiries. With the changing landscape, there is a need for students understanding existing policies before adopting or adapting any pre-existing data collection device.


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