Indiana University Bloomington

As of October 2016, Raju Narisetti is currently employed as the CEO of Gizmodo Media Company. He oversees the portfolio of seventeen multimedia journalist websites as the CEO, including most pioneering and enduring brands such as Jezebel, Gizmodo and Kotaku. Previously, for over three years, he was the Senior Vice President in the Department of Development and Planning at News Corp. He helped build effective start-ups, transform businesses as the vice president; combining the Washington Post's online and print news operations, helping restructure operations and overseeing complex operations. Mr. Narisetti studied Journalism majoring in International Business and later on Media ethics in the Indiana University Bloomington. He speaks three languages Hindi, Telugu and English. The interview with Mr. Narisetti was conducted over the phone. This was the most convenient way to conduct the interview since Mr. Narisetti and I live over five hours apart. It was a privilege to interview Mr. Narisetti, and he is one of the best and most accomplished Indiana University Bloomington alumni. Please understand that Mr. Narisetti came across as honest, hardworking and very humble, thus most of his accomplishments were put across in a by the way manner while explaining something different. Mr. Narisetti is also direct. As the interview progressed, he became more engaged, informative and insightful he became. He comes off as confident and very well nurtured. In sum, Mr. Narisetti is bright, ambitious and comes across as a motivational leader. Mr. Narisetti told me about his high school, previous work experiences and his current work as the CEO. He is actively involved media activities and has been named to be on the board of trustees with Wikimedia Trustees. He puts most of his energy into innovative and digitally focused ideas. To achieve this, Mr. Narisetti is actively involved in groups that promote and publish digital contents. He is actively involved in Most-Mobile Story-tellers, World HR Net and Online News Association. Mr. Narisetti said that he was strongly brought up by his parents. His parents also encouraged him a lot thus he has been able to turn limitations into opportunities as he did in the Washington Post. When asked about his colleagues, he laughingly says that most of them often describe him as the leader and has a leader, Mr. Narisetti has been able to set precedents. He believes that it is possible for one to achieve his/her dreams through hard work and humility. One of the outstanding qualities of Mr. Narisetti is that he has a sense of tribal identity while at the same time showing no sense tribalism and entitlement because of his ethnicity and background. Mr. Narisetti views himself as someone who will always chase after his dreams because he his elf motivated and capable. He further believes that one should be judged by the end result. I was impressed, extremely, by the story of Mr. Narisetti. Irrespective of his background, he has been able to break culture and ethnic bounds to reach where he is now. He has immense knowledge on the publishing industry. When asked about any awards and honors, Mr. Narisetti, downplayed the importance of awards but he was happy and privileged to be named as the Person of the Year for India Abroad in 2010 and to be given the Indiana University Journalism Distinguished Alumni Award in 2014. Seth KahanCEO Visionary LeadershipIndiana University Bloomington 520I interviewed Seth Kahan. Seth Kahan is a trusted advisor to senior leader and CEOs. He founded Visionary Leadership in 2002 and has been the CEO ever since. Since his position holds a lot of responsibility, I see Seth as a natural born leader. Seth Kahan is alumni to Indiana University Bloomington. He graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics in 1980. Mr. Kahan is accountable for the clients and employees of Visionary Leadership. I asked Mr. Kahan about his preferred management style. He, Mr. Kahan, told me that he likes to lead by example and that he doesn’t ask his clients and staff anything that will compromise him or the staff. He favors laissez-faire attitude when assigning goals to his staff. He also opts to give his staff the independence and freedom to achieve the assigned goals in any way they want. He further told me that he hates micromanagement- check each and every aspect of the job. When asked about the skills and qualities a leader must possess, Mr. Kahan, says that a leader must have specific skills like listening, interpersonal and excellent communication skills to be successful. Communicating with the clients and staff is crucial for the success of his business. He also said that communication in the workplace must be free and done with ease thus giving an ample workplace environment and a chance to share ideas between co-workers. I also asked Mr. Kahan whether he always wanted to be a Knowledge Manager or if it took some time to decide on it. He politely said that that since he was in junior high he had set his sights on understanding the dynamics of the workplace and human resource management. He always wondered what made people tick in some fields where others lack. On the similar subject, I asked him if he got discouraged with the studies and the limited prospective after graduating. He told me that though he felt that as a field Knowledge Management was overlooked, he knew that he would start something amazing after graduating. That’s when he had the idea to start his own business, Visionary Leadership. He further said that irrespective of the limited chance of employment, one should choose a career where s0/he is passionate about and not to study to only get a job. I farther asked him if the money and time spent has paid off and he boastfully smiled and said definitely. Based on this, I asked him the advantages and disadvantages of the career choice and having his own successful business. He said that sometimes it is challenging to deal with client tasks in a restricted timeline and it is challenging to keep is staff always motivated. I later on asked him if he could advice and recommend a different or similar path to someone conflicted. He giggled a bit and said it is difficult to choose a career path and that one should explore different careers and then commit to the one s/he is best fitted in. I was impressed by the interview and how Mr. Kahan carried himself. He is very driven and focused and for an instance I wished I would possess the same focus and have the passion in the field of psychology.

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