increased cases of sexual violence in workplaces

In recent years, there have been increased reports of sexual harassment both physically and psychologically in workplaces.

Any of these encounters are physically injured, primarily due to reproductive health issues. In addition, some people suffer from long-term intellectual disabilities when these horrific behaviors mentally affect them. Sexual violence includes any sexual behavior, unwanted advancement or attempts to get favor against the desires of a female.These acts of sexual harassment are a social problem especially since they have become more evident in the present workplace environment where they violate the rights of members of the society as it is a form of sex discrimination.

Recent Condemnation of Sexual Harassment

Recently, human rights activists have come up to condemn sexual harassment that was reported against Harvey Weinstein by numerous women. This paper analyzes the issues of sexual harassment and violence that have been discussed in an article in The Washington Post by Gabrielle Bardall on October 23, 2017. The report Women in political life say #MeToo. Here's how harassment and violence limit their political lives worldwide discusses sexual violence mainly against women in the United States. There is a worldwide condemnation of sexual harassment and countries throughout the world are focused on prohibiting these acts as they have an impact on the societal well-being, workplace productivity, and job satisfaction.

Relevant Sociological Concept or Theory

A significant number of women and girls experience some form of sexual or physical violence at some point in their life. It is crucial that professionals take actions to address this social problem as it has an impact on different aspects of the society. There are shifting patterns in institutional influence as the impact of ministers is declining while the clout of doctors is growing (Notes, Social Problems Chapter 4). In communities, there are discussions on who among the different experts present should be considered to solve social problems. The experts and professionals are recognized to possess authoritative knowledge. Sometimes media personalities, activists, and policymakers are forced to agree with the experts’ knowledge. Therefore, the experts are among the most influential individuals within the society that can be able to address the social issues such as sexual and physical violence against women. They are believed to have specialized knowledge that enables them to interpret and understand social problems.

The Role of Insider Claims-makers

The experts who come out to interpret these social problems are referred to as the insider claims-makers (Notes, Social Problems Chapter 4). Their status within the society guarantees them access to the policymakers where they get the opportunity to contribute to the policies. The social problems are addressed depending on the authorities that are present such as where religious authorities have influence then the issues are discussed under their sacred language. On the other hand, where the medical authorities hold more say then the problems are understood and explained under medical terms. There exist another essential category of expert claims-makers among the officials who are employed within government agencies (Notes, Social Problems Chapter 4). These agencies are mandated with the responsibility such as compiling information through collecting data to measure unemployment, crime rate, among other social problems. They can also administer regulations in relations to pollution, workplace safety, or other issues. In addition, they fund research through grants to experts that operate outside the government and also disseminate information to the public.

Explain the Connection

Sexual and physical violence is a problem that affects and violates the rights of individuals. However, there are more cases of women who have reported sexual abuse compared to men as they form a majority of the gender-based violence victims. According to Bardall (2017, online), scholars who are an essential part of the society around the world have given their views regarding this critical social problem. They agree that violence against women is underreported throughout the globe. Bardall (2017, online) focuses on examining cases of sexual abuse in Nepal, Guinea, Bangladesh, Burundi, Timor-Leste, and Guyana where the author researched on two-thousand incidents of election violence between 2006 and 2010.

Different Experiences of Women and Men

Bardall (2017, online) reports that women and men have different experiences where women reported being burned, raped, beaten, and mutilated. The females faced violence from men who wanted to coerce or punish them for their political choices or prevent them from participating in a political activity like running for office or voting. They were more likely to experience sexualized forms of violence such as sexual assault, rape, and "virginity tests" (Bardall, 2017). Bardall (2017, online) reveals that the female gender is more likely to experience nonphysical and sexual attacks. On the other hand, men experience street violence and political assassination as the main forms of violence. In the research experts who had training helped collect quantitative data through IFES Election Violence Education and Resolution (EVER) program. "These community researchers were up to 10 times more likely to find information about acts of election violence affecting men by looking at public documents, such as police and hospital reports, and media coverage. In contrast, where election violence against women occurred, it was nearly three times more likely to be verbally reported by a member of the community" (Bardall, 2017). Therefore, the experts were the claims-makers in the society. Furthermore, there was a letter from women who were in politics in California. The letter described how sexualized attacks cause anxiety, shame, and fear of losing livelihood and also feared to encounter attacks. These women were politicians, and they are part of the claims-makers.

Works Cited

Bardall, Gabrielle. "Analysis | Women in Political Life Say #MeToo. Here's How Harassment and Violence Limit Their Political Lives Worldwide." Washington Post, 23 Oct. 2017, Accessed 6 Dec. 2017.

Notes, Social Problems Chapter 4.

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