In my Philosophical Backpack, I Apply Ethical Theories

I have the qualities of being kind to others without hurting their feelings, respecting everyone regardless of social class, and being fair and trustworthy in my ethical backpack. Several people have contributed significantly to the creation of a significant portion of my ethical backpack. My parents, for example, have taught me never to hurt anyone, especially girls. My brother has also imparted to me a wealth of knowledge on how to interact with people without offending or hurting their feelings. Nonetheless, my ethical backpack now has a lot more value thanks to the school. Most of my teachers have taught me on how to respect both my peers and the elderly, and to listen to anyone when he/she is speaking. Consequently, during the semester, I have learned so much on ethics, and particularly on theories of ethics. And to be precise, the most applicable approaches that have expanded my ethical backpack is the virtue ethics theories, which consists of care ethics concept. Virtue is a perfect trait and behavior of a given character. In fact, it is a disposition that is well entrenched in its holder or possessor and goes all the way down to make an individual behave in a particular manner (Vaughn 108). Virtue ethics emphasis on the role of a character and virtue in moral philosophy instead of conducting a duty. A virtually straight person is an individual who has ideal character traits. The traits are from inherent tendencies, but they need to be nurtured and expanded. The virtue ethics theory deals with a broader scope of how should I live? What is the definition of a good and happy life? The last question is, what are the proper social and family moral values. For example, our politicians should possess the highest degree of virtues. They are the people who are elected and chosen to present people. They should be faithful and trustworthy. If they apply the concept of virtue ethics, corruption and political wrangles could be a thing of past. The virtue theory concept improved my knowledge capacity in being respectful, and trustworthy in anything I do. Being assertive and listening to any person keenly. For instance, in the school life, there are many classes and groups of people. Some are older than us, and others are even our leaders. The virtue ethics have assisted me in extending my virtues and morals and more so, being respectful to all. Despite the fact that some public figures have impacted much on my ethical pack, the virtue theory has given me a substantial information on doing the right thing. It states that character matters above everything else. The concept emphasis on living an ethical life and acting rightly. The theory demonstrates the virtue of courage, respect, compassion, temperance and wisdom (Vaughn 109). It also demands us to avoid scandals and evils such as being greedy, jealousy, and self-centeredness. We are social beings, and we live with people; hence, the concept improves how we relate with others without offending them. That’s why my list of virtues has been expanded from only being respectful and trustworthy, to also incorporating all other moral virtues. Under the virtue ethics theory, there is also the concept of care ethics. It implies that there is moral significance or importance in the primary elements of social ties or relationships and dependencies in the life of human beings (Amstutz 121). Mostly, care ethics seeks to create and maintain relationships by contextualizing and encouraging the well-being of individuals who give care, and the care receivers in the social links network. The care ethics concept focuses on acting right, building, strengthening and maintaining strong social ties. Hence, behaving right displays care of others and for the social link of which they are part and parcel. The theory builds on the notion to look after those who are vulnerable and dependent, and creating the perception in their minds that someone cares them despite their social status (Amstutz 122). Through the assistance of my parents and my older brother, my moral idealism on relating with each person was implanted. However, throughout the semester, my know-how on connecting with other characters has been expanded and nourished. In fact, I only thought to care is for my friends alone, and mostly girls, that’s why I am not supposed to hurt anyone of them. But the care theory of ethics expanded my ethical backpack by informing me that I am also supposed to highly consider the feelings of the less fortunate in the society, and the vulnerable. To this case, showing care and concern for people who live with illnesses such as Aids, cancer, those in absolute poverty, and any other person who deserves sympathy. In our societies, there is a significant group of individuals who are less fortunate, and they are hopeless. They need someone to show compassion to them. The ethics care virtue has made me see them in a positive perspective, and be there to assist them. The theory emphasis on avoiding biases, in fact, it clearly states avoiding male biases. Nevertheless, various critics fault the care ethics. For example, numerous people term it as one of the slave morality, with serious inadequacies such as essentialism, indistinctness, and parochialism. Even if care standards are not identical to feminist ethic, a lot have been written about the concept as feminine and feminist ethics, as a result of motherhood, political theory, and international relations (Amstutz 123). The concept is widely applicable to various ethical fields, including the care for animals, the environment, and also the public laws and policies. The care theory is conceived as the most appropriate concept to the inmate and private spheres of life. Also, the care ethics has branched out as a political theory and social movement which aims at a broad understanding of public support with enhancing caregiving activities in their variety and breadth. ConclusionIt is crucial for every person to maintain high ethics in the course of his/her living. It is good to understand that everyone has a right to live in this universe, and has a purpose for existence. Considering other people’s feelings is a significant and an expensive gift. Having the correct judgment of what is right and wrong is a survival skill. Through the ethics class, my morals have been expounded and expanded, and I can clearly differentiate what is right and what is wrong. Work CitedAmstutz, Mark R. International ethics: concepts, theories, and cases in global politics. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2013.Vaughn, Lewis. Doing ethics: Moral reasoning and contemporary issues. WW Norton & Company, 2015.

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