Identification of Criminal Acts Assignment

Fingerprints as a Unique Form of Identification

The minuscule whorls, valley patterns, and ridges on the fingers are considered to be fingerprints. Everyone's fingerprints are distinctive. (Watson, 2008). Compared to the genetic components present in a person's cell, they are more recognizable. Despite having the same genetic makeup, identical siblings will have unique fingerprints. One of the tools used by authorities to identify suspects is the use of fingerprints.

Fingerprints' Regenerative Ability and Distinctiveness

Even if a fingerprint is damaged, it can still be used to identify a person because fingerprints can regenerate to their initial appearance. (Sanghi, 2015). It is easier to use prints as a form of evidence in solving crime because every individual has a unique fingerprint (Watson, 2008). They are more distinctive than the genetic materials found in a person's cell. Identical twins may share the same genetic makeup, but they will have different fingerprints. Fingerprints are one of the methods used during police investigation as a way of identification.

Fingerprints as Positive Identification and Their Use in Solving Crimes

Fingerprints are helpful when getting the identification of an individual even if it's damaged, and this is because fingerprints heal back to their original look (Sanghi, 2015). It is easier to use prints as a form of evidence in solving crime because every individual has a unique fingerprint. Fingerprints are considered a positive form of identification and even when damaged, a fingerprint will heal to its original appearance (R.S.C, 2017). There are no two prints alike on their ridge characteristics. The law governing the use of fingerprints in Canada is referred in short title to as Identification of Criminal Act. The Act is used to give respect to identification of criminals.

Use of Fingerprints in Crime Investigation

Fingerprints are used by police officers to recognize crime suspects by making a comparison of the prints that have been found at the scene of offense and the prints that are already in the police files (NOLO, 2017). When prints are discovered at the crime scene, it leads to critical information that will help solve a crime. It can give investigators a significant lead in identifying the person who committed the crime.

The Significance of Absence of Fingerprints as Evidence

Sometimes during a crime investigation, the lack of a thing like fingerprints can lead to a significant clue. The absence of prints frequently used tools or items can be a clear indication that prints were intentionally removed to conceal evidence (Holmes, n.d). In many cases, it does not mean that the lack of proof means the person is innocent.

Influence of Fingerprints on Legal Proceedings

In 2016 in Montgomery County in the event of a burglary, in the case the fingerprints were the only evidence, the accused was sentenced to a six-year plea on theft charges agreement by the prosecutor. The initial sentence the defendant was to face was ten years for burglary charges. The attorney changed the sentencing after the public advocate challenged the acceptability of the fingerprinting.


The law enforcement bodies and the police officers have recognized the challenge that arises with the use of fingerprints as evidence. They have put together a call for research to that will help develop a consistent and procedures that are statistically tested that will give a comparison of fingerprints that provide results that are correct and also accept error rates.


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