I Believe I Can Fly

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It is clear from the lyrics of R. Kelly’s song I Believe I Can Fly that there is a secret purpose. This song is a great motivator for everyone who wants to do something in life. For example, the singer says, “I see me running through the door.” This represents the need to have multiple successes in life. The video for this single elaborates on the underlying context of the lyrics. The images, animation, video, and audio in this medium are intended to convey a message that corresponds to the lyrics of the album. The video starts with the kid playing basketball. The kid makes several attempts to actually shoot the ball using all the energy in him. He walks through the water to reach for the ball. This gives an impression that this child has an aspiration to be a celebrated basket ball player. This dream ensues as the kid grows to be a young man who still pursues his dream. He is represented as the player who has now become professionally gifted in this game. This means that just like the lyrics stated – “I believe I can fly” – the protagonist indeed believed he can be a renowned basketball player and is indeed living to his dream. This means that the production of the video targeted at adding more content to the lyrics and candidly provides the meaning through the story shown in the video of this song by R. Kelly.

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R. Kelly. “I Believe I Can Fly.” YouTube, uploaded by RKellyVEVO, 28 Oct. 2013, www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIQn8pab8Vc

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