Humans and Internet

In the present day world, technological advances are quickly expanding leading to the alternative of conventional activities.

The changes tend to alter the human thought in such a way that the behavior and manner of doing things are different in contrast to the periods before the introduction of technology. This article highlights the fact that technology, specially the Internet, is changing how individuals read. However, the observation and size of the change is not easy in reality, and, therefore, taking note of the modification takes place progressively.

The example of Nicholas Carr entirely explains the changes brought about by the use of the Internet and hyperlink textual content rather than print literature.

Apparently, Carr noticed that his thinking, immersion, and depth of reading took a significant turn to the extent that analyzing long articles became a challenge. Surprisingly, other readers echo the sentiments, hence, the agreement that the Internet is changing our minds. Google, one of the most prominent search engines, coupled with text messages and other Internet resources shape the human mind, particularly the cognitive capacities, such as memory, and also the interpretation of visual and audio aspects.

In a nutshell, researchers and psychologists are in consensus that the internet-based reading styles differ from the conventional reading from print material.

The difference arises from the manner in which online reading focuses directly on efficiency and immediacy. On the contrary, the print material offers long and complex works which arouse the need and capacity for deep reading, analysis, and strong mental connections. Simply put, online reading is just but a mode of information decoding. The aspect of text interpretation, development of productive, undistracted, contextual connections and imaginations from an in-depth reading of the print versions is relatively absent in the online platform.

Work Cited

Madrigal, Alexis C. "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" The Atlantic, 15 September 2010. Accessed 18 September 2017.

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