Healthy diet and pregnancy

The aim of this article was to educate the public about the value of good nutrition while pregnant. Tanha, Mohseni, Ghajarzadeh, and Shariat (121) studied the changes in eating patterns and smoking habits of 485 prenatal care patients. According to the paper, the mother’s health and behavior influence the child’s development and well-being (Tanha et al.,) Mothers who were committed to adhering to good dietary requirements were mentally stable, had healthy pregnancies, and gave birth to healthy children. The authors, however, sought also to explain the various factors that may determine the health of the pregnancy.

According to this research, a high level of education, better income, low-stress levels and marital status can profoundly determine the health of the mother and child (Tanha et al.,). A working and a financially stable mom has access the right food and its quantity. On the other hand, being married offers women the right kind of emotional stability that is needed for proper fetal development. Most young mothers will often abuse drugs because they are emotionally unstable. The report also highlights that the level of education impacts on the attitude and practices of the mother. The more the mother is educated, the higher the chances of having a proper diet and avoiding activities that may harm their child. In this case, the mother would hence invest in the right foods, supplements and also the health facility. According to the authors, however, offering the pregnant ladies information even through a leaflet can lead to the right nutritional behavior (Tanha et al .,).

Intended Audience

The intended audience in this article is the new mothers, pregnant women, and health sector facilitators. This article offers a great insight which the health sector administrators can use in their work and efficiently enhance the health of the pregnant women and their unborn children. If more women were knowledgeable about the benefits of following proper nutrition during pregnancy, there would be fewer complications, and more lives would hence be saved during and after delivery.

Why they included the Rhetorical Strategy

The authors used reason, logos, and pathos as their rhetorical strategy. The authors have used reason to prompt the right behavior from the women since they link with its repercussions. For instance, explaining why smoking is bad for the pregnant women laid a good foundation for this analysis and understanding (Tanha et al.). The use of logos is evidenced by the use of data and results highlighting the different connecting factors such as smoking, healthy eating and the overall health of the fetus (Tanha et al .,). The logos also allow the readers to apply logic while reading to get the message intended using facts. The authors may also have used logos because this will enable them to give accurate information and hence prompt mothers to get into right actions.

The use of pathos is also evident in this article. The authors have used an emotional appeal to get the attention of the mothers and the relevant authorities. For instance, in the introduction, the author mentions that smoking during pregnancy increases the rate of infertility among the female fetus (Tanha et al.,). Offering this example would indeed evoke emotions in the others who would imagine the devastating effects that their negative actions would have on the child. The article also highlights that poor nutrition may lead to preterm labor and slowed uterine growth. Such an example is hence also likely to reinforce positive behaviors for the mothers who may not want to be in those predicaments.

What Effect of the Rhetorical Strategy on the Audience?

The rhetorical strategy used is likely to raise fears among the women and caution which would hence be reflected in their behaviors. If women lacked that kind of information, they would have a carefree life without minding the effects on the child. Educating the women by giving them studied facts and appealing to their emotions is hence likely to get the best results.

Does the Strategy Appeal to the Right Audience?

Indeed the strategy appeals to the intended audience because they are informative and they also allow the readers to make personal decisions regarding the issue. Through the knowledge of this form, mothers may drop some of their poor habits such as dieting and smoking and instead be keener on their child’s development.

Does it fulfill the overall purpose of writing the article?

The rhetoric strategies used indeed fulfill the overall purpose of the article which is to warn and educate on the need for proper nutrition and the implications of poor diet in pregnancy. The authors have also liked various lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity to the mother’s eating habits while pregnant (Tanha et al.,). Mothers who desire healthy children would hence most likely pay more attention to their feeding habits to ensure that they have a healthy offspring. The article can also encourage the educators to teach women on the need to be financially stable and knowledgeable about their reproductive health so that they may take good care of themselves when they get pregnant. The authors also propose the various meals that pregnant women should be keen on such as vegetables, fish, and dairy products which enhance not only the brain development of a child but also that of the mother (Tanha et al.,).

Work Cited

Tanha, Fateme Davari., Mohseni Mona.,Ghajarzadeh mahsa and Shariat Mamak. “The effects of healthy diet in pregnancy.” Journal of family & reproductive health 7.3 (2013): 121.

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