healthy community concept

Definition of a Healthy Community

Following an in-depth examination of the notion of healthy community, I believe that a healthy community can be defined as one with optimum health condition. Such communities have gained this status as a consequence of an extensive concentration on activities that aid in the improvement, protection, and maintenance of profound health status. These actions include educating the community about the need for and importance of good health. Putting measures in place to combat all types of disease spread and implementing the policies needed to achieve excellent health (Gaston, 2016). Examples of a healthy community are those with fewer reports of diseases outbreak and those who effectively control the spread of any disease before it results in an uncomfortable situation.

Common Concepts in Healthy Communities

Many concepts are held in common among healthy communities such thoughts include the understanding of the need for functional health status among community dwellers. A constant orientation of community members as to the means of preventing diseases outbreaks, and last the continuous implementation of new and improved methods of dealing with community health issues.

Providing Health Care for Communities

Providing health care for communities with different health orientation could be a lot difficult. However, there are steps that could be adopted in a bid to get this done. First, there is a need for reorientation. Being a professional, I am aware of the underlying health requirements of the community. Therefore, I will start by informing members of the community of the need to adopt my proposed new health suggestions.


In conclusion, to prove of the genuineness of my proposed health programs for such communities, I will provide the community with examples of where such programs have been implemented with positive results that have been attained.


Gaston, G. F. (2016). Shaping the Healthy Community: The Nashville Plan. Nashville Civic Design Center, Vanderbilt University Press.

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