Healthcare Policy’s Impact on Public and Private Healthcare

Many rules, regulatory measures, courses of action, and the most critical funding priorities enacted by government agencies make up a policy. In our healthcare system, policies play a significant role. This journal examines how policy influences both public and private healthcare in the United States.
While policies are not always linked to health, they can significantly impact healthcare in a variety of ways. To begin with, they produce, regulate, and even manage products that support healthy environments. Our state highways are a good example. They are supported by taxes and are available to everyone. They have an impact on the availability of healthcare services. Second, laws establish standards and mandates that ensure citizens’ safety.

Impact of Healthcare Policy on Public and Private Healthcare
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Impact of Healthcare Policy on Public and Private Healthcare
A policy comprises of many systems of laws, regulatory measures, the courses of action, and most important funding priorities implemented by the government entities. Policies do play a significant role in our healthcare system. This journal discusses how policy affects the public and private healthcare in our country.
While policies do not necessarily mean they are associated with health, they can affect healthcare in many ways. First, they create, regulate, and even maintain goods that facilitate supportive environments for good health. A good example is our state roads. They are funded by taxes and are open to using by anyone. They impact the accessibility of healthcare services. Secondly, policies also set requirements and mandates that protect citizens. For instance, traffic accidents are some of the causes of fatalities and injuries. Policies implemented mandatory belt laws to address the problem. This, in turn, has decreased the number of injuries and fatalities. Thirdly, policies can provide support in ways that affect the primary drivers of health. Policies can be implemented to provide financial assistance for basic needs, like housing and transportation (Lorenzoni et al., 2014). They can also provide opportunities, requirements, and incentives for training and employment of personnel of the healthcare. Finally, policies can minimize barriers, create more opportunities, or even provide incentives that could influence the choices that might impact the health. Policies can improve education and income which influence health significantly.
In conclusion, policies can have a direct or indirect impact on both private and public healthcare. There is a broad range of policy issues even some which are not associated with health that could influence the health and well-being of us.

Lorenzoni, L., Belloni, A., & Sassi, F. (2014). Health-care expenditure and health policy in the USA versus other high-spending OECD countries. The Lancet, 384(9937), 83-92.

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