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People of the United States should have access to reliable healthcare programs organized within the public health system to enjoy optimum health as a community or person. Similarly, all healthcare industries, including professional societies, organizations, and public and private purchasers, should reduce the burden of accidents, disabilities, and illnesses. The healthcare delivery system in the United States of America is one of the most unique globally. There are various elements of healthcare programs available, which vary from conventional policies and government-run systems. Identify the four aspects of healthcare delivery in the United States and describe how the roles interact.
In the US, the healthcare delivery system is an amalgamation of four chief components including financing, an insurance run by the government, delivery to consumers who are in need of the services and payment that makes the healthcare delivery system distinctive and qualitative regarding providing healthcare dissimilar to any other country in the world. Financing is a vital component in US healthcare system since the healthcare provided in costly in relations to the length of staying in hospitals, conducting the diagnostic tests, medications and other procedures (Bowling, 2014). Most of the interaction, which occurs directly, is between the providers and the individual healthcare consumers. The other relations happens impersonal and indirectly. All the health care delivery services in the US depends on the collaboration of all the four components (Shi, & Singh, 2014). The ability of United States population benefiting from the healthcare delivery system relies on the aptitude of groups and individual gaining entry into the healthcare systems.
Explain how the overlap differs between a government-run system and traditional or managed-care system.
The US healthcare delivery system is in the transition from the traditional managed care systems to a government-run system. The changes are driven by several factors such as the cost of care becoming unbearable making it hard for traditional managed care systems to offer quality services to the consumers. Second is the rise recognition of quality failures to achieve better healthcare outcomes (Bowling, 2014).
Why is it that despite public and private health insurance programs, some U.S. citizens are without any coverage?
In United States, most of the people who are low-income earners are unable to afford the premium required by the insurance companies, as they are not qualified for public welfares making them uninsured (Shi, & Singh, 2014). Similarly, the united states have an employer health plan, which compels the employers to provide health insurance that makes it’s not mandatory to health insurance to all employees (Bowling, 2014). For instance, small businesses are unable to afford to provide insurance coverage to their employees hence hindering some of the US citizens to acquire insurance cover.
How does this compare with the situation in another country (choose a specific country to compare)?
In Japan, it is a requirement for all the citizens to be insured, through the employer healthcare insurance programs or the national health care programs (Shi, & Singh, 2014). Unlike in United States, a citizen of Japan who cannot afford the premiums receives public assistance ensuring that all the citizens are covered (Bowling, 2014). Similarly, the level of satisfaction to the population in Japan is high which has enabled the cost to be low due to the negotiations between the providers and the government. In addition, most of the hospitals and doctors are in private sectors making it easy for the citizen to choose their providers easily.
Should all Americans be required to have health insurance? Why or why not?
The entire Americans should be entitled to holding an insurance coverage (Shi, & Singh, 2014). Healthcare insurance is one of the chief factors in making healthcare more affordable to all the citizens, making it available and more reliable to warrant everyone to access the health care services. According to the health care laws, it is a requirement of all citizen to have a health insurance or being responsible for paying the penalty (Bowling, 2014).
In conclusion, variation exists regarding the financing, the role of the government, the providers and the delivery systems and may impact in the satisfaction of the patient as well as the intensity of the intervention considered. Moreover, the components of healthcare delivery systems should be kept into consideration to ensure maximum patient satisfaction.

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