Health care quality

Any health care resource's degree of value is defined by its quality, which is assessed through some measurement. The main objective of providing health care is to ensure that all those who require it have access to high-quality medical tools. As a result, increasing patient life expectancy, treating illnesses when feasible, and improving quality of life are some of the main objectives of health care. Notably, the Donabedian model can be used to provide metrics for evaluating and contrasting the caliber of medical treatment. The concept of health care quality chosen is the presence of doctors and midwives offering obstetrical treatment. The concept is aimed at reducing the rate of fetal mortality. Pregnancy is the most delicate time in human development where the proper care should be taken to take care of the unborn baby through promoting healthy pregnancies. During pregnancy, routine prenatal checkups are necessary, and high-risk pregnancies in most cases need care from a specialist. The issue is a structure evaluation as to seek to a situation where health care is provided using enough facilities and equipment, qualified health providers, and administration of programs aimed to improve health care.

Notably, through providing obstetrical care, supporting structures and proper care settings are provided, and they all contribute to good care. Applying the issue to the six quality dimensions found in the crossing the quality chasm, it meets all the criteria. Firstly, the health care is safe as it seeks to provide safety for the unborn babies and pregnant women. Secondly, the service is useful as it uses the best available techniques to march science that relates to promoting a healthy pregnancy and taking care of high-risk pregnancies (Collins & Mannon, 2014). Thirdly, the issue is patient-centered as the patient plays an active role in making regular visits to the health center and follow any special guidelines by the medical provider. Fourth, the issue is equitable since no ethnicity or race is unaffected by the problem of pregnancy. Fifth, the problem is efficient as it seeks to reduce the rate of fetal mortality. Finally, the issue is timely as pregnancies are seasonal and proper health care provision should be made at stipulated intervals so as to benefit both the caregiver and the patient.


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Collins, D. & Mannon, M.(2014). Quality management in a lean health care environment.

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