Gun Control dilemma in the United States

Gun Control: A Controversial Issue

Gun control refers to any designed legal measure aimed at preventing or restricting possession and use of firearms. In most developed nations, gun control is given much attention thus making it uncontroversial and strict. However, in others, the aspect has emerged as a heated political issue with some arguing against and others for gun control. In the U.S., the issue of gun control has attracted a heated debate since it is the only country in the world where firearm ownership is constitutionally protected. Surprisingly, America is the nation where killings committed by use of guns are incredibly high (Duignan). It is imperative to note that the U.S. has the highest number of homicide-by-firearm incidences compared to other developed nations an aspect that is attributed to the constitutional protection of gun possession. People who argue for gun control claim that its limitation will help save lives and thus reducing the experienced crimes significantly (Duignan). On the other hand, those against firearm limitation articulate that such a process would prevent law abiders from protecting themselves against armed criminals who are indeed a threat to their lives.

The Need for Gun Control Laws

In the opinion, the U.S. government should enforce the law on gun control to help in the reduction of the numerous crimes committed as a result of gun possession. Arguably, this is because of the immense mass murders perpetrated using firearms to the extent that not all cases gain coverage in the media platforms. There have been numerous incidences of gun violence that claimed the lives of innocent citizens. The debate on gun control was enacted by the incident in the Florida high school that caused the death of fourteen students and three adults (Ghez). The shooting resulted in the ban of assault weapons particularly the semi-automatic ones, for instance, AR-15-style rifle that was used by Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooter. Notably, if ownership of such firearms was restricted Cruz could not have accessed the gun, thus the mass killings could not have been experienced.

The Tragic Incidence of Sandy Hook Elementary School

Another tragic incident that has occurred following the legalization of guns is the killing of 26 people at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton, 2012 twenty of whom were children (Haynes). Indeed, this was a shocking incident that denied children an opportunity to grow and propel the country towards growth since kids are considered as future leaders. The mass shooting further heated the already existing debate resulting to the application of the 1993 Brady Bill which requires nationally licensed firearm sellers to conduct background checks on buyers with the Federal Bureau of investigation before allowing them to carry guns within the instituted five days waiting (Haynes). Arguably, this would result in gun-related crimes reduction since convicted individuals could not easily own guns.

Mental Health and its Role in Gun Violence

Mental health has also aided gun violence resulting in the death of many. People with psychological issues might inappropriately use firearms and in the process causing death to people. Fundamentally, this is an aspect that both who argue for and against gun control agree. Thus, requiring proper mental screening be conduct to prevent individuals who are mentally ill from owning guns. From this measure, gun violence is likely to reduce since it was even noted that Cruz was suffering from mental instability yet he was able to acquire deadly weapons thus causing the death of innocent people (Haynes). Easy accessibility to guns have also resulted in increased cases of domestic violence where people commit suicide or even kill family members. These incidences have been more rampant following the constitutional protection of the right to own firearms. If the gun control policy is implemented crimes relating to fires would significantly reduce.

The Impact of Gun Violence on Society

Gun violence negatively impacts both to the victims as well as those not involved in the activity. In areas where gun crimes are prevalent, even minimal risk affects the surrounding community by making them more miserable. Therefore, laws should be established for gun control. The already enacted laws regulating firearm use has immensely contributed to the reduction of gang offenses (Webster Et al). Indeed, this affirms that gun control policies should adequately be implemented in the U.S.

Addressing Counterarguments Against Gun Control

Nonetheless, there exist individuals who argue against gun control claiming that it is a right granted by the constitution. As noted earlier, America is the only developing country that constitutional promotes gun ownership. Further, they articulate that the firearms are primarily for protection against criminals (Haynes). For instance, it is stated that if the teachers in the Parkland shooting owned guns, the incident could have been prevented or rather controlled. However, I disagree with the argument since one might possess a firearm for personal safety yet end up dead for encountering specialized firearm criminals. Therefore, it apparent that gun use should be controlled to facilitate the reduction of the witnessed mass shootings in different regions of America.


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