Grimm fairly tale “the wolf and the man”

The Wolf and the Man

The classic folk tale The Wolf and the Man is a masterpiece. A fox and a wolf brag about how strong man is and how no animal could face up to him in the opening scene of the short story. The wolf, however, insisted that he would still assault the man. The wolf appeared early the next morning on a trail used by hunters. The wolf inquired, "Is that man?" as a soldier passed. No, he is not, the fox retorted. (Grimm and Wilhelm 1). Soon after, a lad passed, prompting the wolf to inquire as to his gender. The wolf says, “No although he will be someday.” Later a huntsman came along. The fox assures him that he was the huntsman that he was waitig for. He quickly runs and attacks him but the huntsman had a gun. The wolf is shot on the face; still determined to attack again, this time round the man pulls out a cutlass and smites him with it. They persisted but and eventually the wolf was left for the dead.

Character Development

This Grimm fairy tale is particularly designed for children, aimed to nurture their spirits with values and recess deep-conscious. It is evident the protagonist is the cunning fox. The arrogant, naïve wolf and the strong defensive man are co-opted to work in hand with the fox to bring out the moral to children that do not brag. The fox is cunning and suitable on prodding the wolf. The wolf is a braggart thus applicable to depict arrogance and pride. Next, the man is portrayed as unpredictable and incredibly strong (Grimm and Wilhelm 5). The three characters play their role effectively.

Style and Diction

The tale "the wolf and the man" is contrived in a quaint and simple writing style. There’s little to mention on the style since the story is quit direct. The events occur sequentially. The fox is cunning while the wolf is perceived as strong and arrogant. Besides, the story is meant for children thus the need to maintain the writing style basic and simple. It is written in the third person making it easy to be passed down from generation to generation. The choice of words is simple. Also, the narrator understands the emotions and thoughts of the characters. More so, the expression of the story is clear and effective to its audience.

Tone and Mood

The tone of the entire story is anxious, impulsive and sly. The wolf is naïve and in a hurry to meet ‘the man’ and attack him. Even after being shot, he is foolish enough to attack again.The fox anticipates to see the action when the wolf bouts the man. Being cunning, he hides anxiously with anticipation to see him get wounded. The fox learns the wolf’s foolish move and cheers him to attack the hunter. The mood of the story is impulsive and amusing. From the prior discussion when the wolf claims to be strong and would maim the man, gives us an obvious outcome. It gets witty as the fox waits to see how the event unfolds. The fox is amusing since after he shows him the huntsman, he quickly takes cover. Later after the wolf is badly hurt and bleeding, the sly fox tells the wolf; “see what braggart you are” (Grimm and Wilhelm 2)


Looking at the story’s setting and imagery, this Grimm tale creates a typical jungle background. The wolf and the fox are understood to live in the forest: Essentially, somewhere with a lot of vegetation. A huntsman is mentioned clearly making it obvious the path he passed was close or inside a forest. The fox uses a metaphoric language when he states, “so what braggart you are” (Grimm and Wilhelm 2)

Symbolism, allegory or illusion

This Tale brings about a symbolic picture beyond literal meaning. This includes that of the fox; where he is depicted as smart and cautious. Where else, the wolf is seen as naïve and egocentric. Most importantly, the illusion brought from the huntsman is fearful, strong, and dangerous than the soldier and boy who passed earlier (Grimm and Wilhelm 2). The reason is that he had a gum, a cutlass and carried himself with vigor. Symbolism is depicted by the gun and cutlass, objects that are hazardous to the wolf and fox. More so, the fox uses symbolism as described in the statement: “You throw your hatchet so far that you cannot get it back again.”

Presence of Magic/Supernatural

The tale examines the presence of magic/supernaturalism. The fairy tale is predated to a time when magic and supernatural powers were believed to exist. The ability of the fox and the wolf to talk and coordinate, arrive on time and debate on who a man is in itself a supernatural trait. More importantly, their ability to choose the huntsman as ‘the man’, is magical to the reader and most especially the audience; in this case, children. Not only is it unreal and incredible for the wolf to survive a shot on the face, but it is magical. The nursing wounds left him bleeding but he did not die.

Suitability for contemporary children to read

This Grimm tale is both relevant and suitable for contemporary children since it is written in simple language despite the fact that it was written ages ago. The moral lesson is still passed down from past generations to contemporary children. It is also interesting because the diction brings out a fairy world for children to envisage (Grimm and Wilhelm 2). The author uses characters well known to children. In addition, it is a flowing and child friendly story.

Theme, lesson or morality

Theme – humility.

This tale gives a lesson on the need to uphold humility at all times. Essentially, the moral lesson is “do not brag.” The wolf reflects an arrogant character. He acts differently when he sees man but his unprecedented plans are challenged, leaving him howling, and half dead (Grimm and Wilhelm 3). The story is aimed to arouse that deep psychological lesson in the lives of those are pretentious. More so, lesson should be nurtured from an early age when the stories are read to them.

Work cited

Grimm, Jacob, and Wilhelm Grimm. Grimm's Fairy Tales. 2016.

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