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If Roe v. Wade is overturned, the protection of the fetus starting with the fertilized egg will be upheld by denying the notion that women are entitled to secrecy that protects them by abortion to terminate a pregnancy. They will then not have the right to continue, irrespective of whether or not the embryo had been viable. If the abortion caused a miscarriage, the mother will be charged with breaking the abortion statute (Roe v Wade, 1973). These women will be charged with homicide in those cases because a fertilized egg would have the same status as a full-term infant (Unit 3 Discussion). The medical personnel would also be liable for an offense for for aiding the process because fetus does not change the fact that it has the genetic makeup of a child.
Response 2
Abortion was a major issue in electoral politics in the late twentieth century. However, I think it will be a central issue in American elections because since the Supreme Court’s decision in early 1970s, the issue has generated heated debate in many electoral cycles. The matter raises moral insights and religious opinions in the political sphere (Unit 3 Discussion). Furthermore, anti-abortion and pro-abortion perspectives would determine politics in the future. Therefore, there will be reason to raise the matter as an election issue.
Response 3
The question of the legal status of abortion should be resolved in courts because they are responsible of interpretation of legal provisions. In addition, the courts should determine the issue because they have the jurisdiction and constitutional powers to do so. Their decision would be based on US Constitutions provisions on the right to privacy in the Bill of Right. Similarly, they can be guided by The 14th Amendment in the US Constitution that also safeguards the right to privacy, which can be extended, to pregnancy (Roe v Wade, 1973).

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Roe v. Wade. {1973}.
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