Glendale College

In the article “Avoid Short Sessions” Tim Tebow argues that Glendale College will no longer provide a 2018 Winter Session. According to the article, even though a lot of students can also not like the idea, it appears to have an affirmative effect for the future due to the fact students get better grades in long classes compared to the short ones. He suggests that students ought to always consider the need for lengthy courses as they can perform better in them. It is clear that the debate over whether or not students should opt for lengthy or short-term courses is widespread due to the fact both sides appear to existing varied merits and demerits. It is apparent that the lengthy sessions are more involving for learning. However, students should take classes in the short sessions so that they have an added advantage when applying for jobs and benefit those who have low retention abilities and are usually unable to focus on studies during the long class time.

By taking short sessions, students are able to improve their resumes because they study for a given additional course within a short time while the others spend the time pursuing the long-session courses. It is easy to enroll for a new course when one is aware that it will take a short time before they are done with it. Thus, one can obtain training on another skill and will be in a better position to secure lucrative chances compared to their competitors who have little to offer when asked regarding their extra training skills. Employers are likely to be more encouraged to recruit someone who has varied experiences, which underscores the need for taking more courses that equip one with added knowledge in different areas. The relevance of additional experience is particularly appropriate for learners who are seeking to obtain higher benefits to their counterparts when in the hunt for consideration for employment.

Another benefit for short courses is that it also provides students with fewer distractions in the course of the session compared to the long programs. Short sessions tend to give students more interactions during class discussions and more personal contact with the professor as there is more content in the coursework to be covered within a short period. For example, while undertaking my program during the winter session, I managed to concentrate more on my studies than when I was taking the fall semester since my class was smaller and it was quieter. I, therefore, believe that through such personal associations with the professor, students get fewer disruptions, focus more on their studies, and are able to get higher grades. Hence, it was more benefiting because I managed to focus on my studies as there was sufficient time for study.

In summary, it is affirmed that there are varied benefits for students to opt to take short courses compared to those offered over long sessions. One primary outcome involves the consideration of the advantages offered from the added skills on an applicant’s resume when seeking employment. Furthermore, the option of taking short programs is associated with fewer distractions compared to the long-term courses and thus one has the chance of getting better grades. Conclusively, students should consider the advantages of short courses but exercise flexibility when circumstances make it more preferable to pursue the long-term programs.

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