Generalist Practice Skills for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and the Importance of Human Service Professionals

Domestic violence in our societies has been limited in recent years and hence the conceptual explanations for abuse between relationships have not been properly studied. The current marginal awareness did not train personnel to solve the issue (Coady and Peter 77). It is different today because they have specific expertise that support victims of domestic abuse while observing important ethical borders.

Empathy and Sympathy: Essential Skills in the Human Services Field

Professionals in the human service use their intervention techniques and expertise to help them communicate with their customers. First, sympathy and empathy are necessary skills of practice in the human services field. Empathy allows the social worker to understand the victim’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences from their perspective (Laing and Cathy 17). Ideally, the human service professional needs to be fully absorbed in the client’s scenario of domestic violence. Moreover, for any counseling session to be productive, the practitioners ought to have the emotional maturity to relate to the client’s crisis without being lost in the experience (Martin 57). The human services workers should not only view the scenario from the victim’s perspective but also support the client navigate through the adverse times.

Importance of Patience and Active Listening

Patience is paramount amongst the human service professionals. Here, it is necessary that the workers continuously perform clinical assessments of their patients in the determination of quality and level of functionality in the victim’s interpersonal, social, family setup, spiritual, and community domains (Martin 72). Besides that, the practitioner needs to actively listen to their client on how domestic violence affects them. Some of the features of listening actively involve observation of the client’s body language and maintaining direct eye contact as they express themselves (Coady and Peter 78). For that reason, the consideration of everything the victim says as essential is vital in the completion of the treatment plan for addressing the identified issues appropriately.

The Power of Generalist Practice Skills

The generalist practice skills are helpful for the client when faced with the crisis of domestic violence. Through the application of these skills, service users are empowered to address the problem in a significant and healthy manner. Human services practitioners must exercise their sympathy and empathy, patience, observation, and active listening skills to help their clients.

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