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Boston Tea Party essay describes the event that took place on December 16, 1773. Three East India Company ships, loaded with tea, entered the Boston port. This company received a monopoly on the tea trade with the colonies. The British government also established duty-free trade in America. At the command of Adams – head of the organization "Sons of Liberty", several people, disguised as Indians, boarded the ships and threw packages of tea into the sea. Many Boston Tea Party essays shed light on this organization. This event was a serious crime, so a state of emergency was declared in Boston. From that moment, English officials in America received significant powers. Essays on Boston Tea Party won't fail to mention that this was the beginning of an open conflict between the Americans and the British. Our Boston Tea Party essay samples will make work on your essays easier – check the best essay samples below.

[Boston Tea Party]

The Boston Tea Party The first post, Boston Tea Party, describes the Boston Tea Party in depth. The website contains material about the Boston Party, such as when it occurred, what transpired at the Boston Party, its causes, the organizers, and the aftermath. The essay further discusses important events around the...

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Influences of the Boston Tea Party on the Revolutionary War

This book examines some of the origins of the Revolutionary War. It goes on to describe how the activities occurred as well as the participants. The British levied tariffs on a variety of commodities, which irritated the Americans. It was time to protest and bring an end to British colonial...

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