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The first post, Boston Tea Party, describes the Boston Tea Party in depth. The website contains material about the Boston Party, such as when it occurred, what transpired at the Boston Party, its causes, the organizers, and the aftermath. The essay further discusses important events around the Boston Tea Party, such as the implementation of the Tea Act, coercive measures, and the first Congressional hearing. The activities leading up to the Boston Tea Party are described in the article Trouble Brewing. It details the latter’s history, distinguishing it from other towns such as Virginia. It reviews fundamental events of the time of the Boston Tea Party such as the signing of Acts. Onto the third website, it highlights one key Act of Boston Tea Party, The Tea Act. This third article mainly talks about the details of the Tea Act. It mentions it as the catalyst which was provided in place for the Boston Tea Party. The website includes all fine details about the Tea Act such as when it was passed and how it affected the citizens. It also goes further to entail the provisions of the Tea Act. In The Coming of the American Revolution, details of Boston Tea Party are also reviewed. It starts with activities of the Parliament in 1770 on taxing commodities. It goes further to explain information about tea in Boston. It ends with destruction of tea. The last website on American Revolution also provides account of the Boston Tea Party from the perspective of a participant. It explains details on how the tea was destroyed. It gives an account of the selfish nature of some individuals on the board and how the tea was discovered destroyed.
From the articles, my perception of the knowledge might have changed a little. The material has provided much knowledge which I had not known or had always ignored. It has made me realize the importance of the tea and how some individuals in the board were interested in benefitting themselves while the parliament and some members were struggling to benefit all.

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